Wakeboarding HD Review

It might be winter here in America, but there are still ways to catch some waves. Creat Studio offers a wakeboarding option for people looking to hide from the snow outside.

Rad Locales

The main campaign is split into 20 different segments. There are plenty of different items to run over, sharks to dodge, and ramps to tackle to keep you on your toes. While the overall concept of racking up points on every run remains the same throughout, it’s nice to see new scenery every time.


Dry Gameplay for a Wet Game

The game is inspired by arcades of the past and it shows. The levels don’t really have any bells and whistles to them and there’s really no reason to replay any levels, either. Everything is straightforward wakeboarding and it’s disappointing to see little innovation here. It might hold your attention for 15 minutes or so, but then it becomes apparent that this game is far more shallow than the water you’re wakeboarding on.

It’s No Looker

While the waves look pretty neat, the rest of the visuals are fairly lackluster. The character models, the destructible environments, and all other visual effects look straight out of the Nintendo 64 era. They’re already taking the liberty to reuse much of the environment; it wouldn’t hurt to make it look decent. It’s one thing to work on a budget, but this year has demonstrated that many indie products can overcome the visual limitations by getting creative.

There might not be many wakeboarding selections on the PlayStation Network, but it’ll take the most diehard fan to find this amusing for more than 15 minutes. Skip this and boot up an N64 with Wave Race.

Written by: Alex Wen

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  • DAT SECOND SCREEN CAP. Jeebus. I giggled.

  • Jay Curtis

    This game is now our worst reviewed game ever. I wonder if a game will ever beat it?

    • If we do, it’ll probably end up being reviewed by me. I’m either really cynical towards gaming now or these games just aren’t very good.

      • Jay Curtis

        I’m sure it’s the latter.

      • A blast from the past. I wish they came out with another perfect dark.

    • Remind you of the good ol’ Big Fish reviews too, Jay?

      • Jay Curtis

        YES! The minute I started my first game all of those painful memories came rushing back.

        • Haha, definitely taught us how to review under pressure, at least. A good experience looking back, if not in the moment.