[UPDATE] More Microsoft Leaks Reveal “Xbox Surface” Tablet


Well, I was sorta-kinda-maybe half-right. What we actually got was Microsoft Surface, not anything related to Xbox (for now). A souped-up tablet by design, the Surface has the functionality of a full-fledged laptop (complete with trackpad and flexible keyboard) while retaining the slate aesthetic.

Retail PC game releases will run on the Surface like a traditional laptop, but “Support for up to four wireless controllers” and everything else in line with the Xbox namesake appears to be a bust…for now. Microsoft could very well be hiding away a later unit  to be announced alongside the Xbox 720 (which is my prediction), but there is nothing to know right now. In the meantime, do you think the Surface has what it takes to win over the hipsters from Apple?

I doubt it. Still, kids like me who hate the limitations of a tablet will undoubtedly be intrigued.



It seems like only yesterday we delivered the details behind Microsoft’s leaked strategy document about the alleged Xbox 720. Actually, that was two days ago! The secrets keep streaming, though, as the following page of technical specs has hit the Internet describing the “Xbox Surface:”


Thanks to Neowin.net for the image.

What does it all mean? Assuming this is legit, it looks like we’ll be getting an Xbox-branded tablet in the near-future. This reveal may seem insane, but the news is perfectly in line with the insistence on playing triple-A titles on any screen from the last leak. For those wanting a more traditional experience, the “Stationary Computing Device” could possibly be the expected Xbox 720…Or we could all be wrong and it’s something else entirely. It’s all speculation for now, and only Microsoft knows the truth. To note, however, the company is holding a press conference in Los Angeles later this afternoon at 3:30 PM local time. An unusual moment to show a brand new gaming system so close to the end of E3, will we hear more about Xbox Surface there, or is a formal announcement still a year away?

Only a few hours of time will tell.

Written by: Luke Frazier

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