Xenoblade: Chronicles Review (Wii)

Let’s level.  Over here at Gamers Association we like original, editorial, opinionated content.  We think that plugging away at news articles and release dates is a bit silly.  Sure, we get them every now and again, but that’s only because one of our staff really likes the subject at hand.  We never said we could compete with the IGNs or the Joystiqs of the world.  Likewise, I feel it much better to really discuss a game than slap a number on it and call it a review.

So, I have arrived at Xenoblade: Chronicles.  It is, in my mind, one of the most divisive games I can remember, pitting old against new to varying degrees of success.  So much so that it becomes apparent that Xenoblade is not just a good game with poor elements or vice versa.  It is both.  It is both majesty and poverty; lavish and barren.

If you want a number, all you Metacritics and TL;DR’ers out there, it’s here.  But I encourage you to consider it a compromise, something that I would rather not include for this very specific game.  What I would recommend is to hit the links below to the two companion pieces in my three part series on Xenoblade, lately titled “Rewriting the Rulebook; Leaving the Script Unchanged”.  The preview is right here, by the way.

Without further rambling, here we go.

Xenoblade: Chronicles; Rewriting the Rulebook

Xenoblade: Chronicles; Leaving the Script Unchanged


Written by: Nick Cane

Game writer, fervent lover of mac and cheese. Favorite games are ES4: Oblivion, Kirby's Adventure, Link's Awakening, Final Fantasy 8 and Mario Galaxy.


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