3DS Tips, Tricks, & Secrets

After weeks of a severe internal struggle, I finally caved to the Animal Crossing craze and acquired a marvelous little machine you may know as the Nintendo 3DS. A brilliant thing, isn’t she? Built to exude charm even at the system level. In my time spent tinkering with the mechanics, however, I came across a few novel Easter eggs guaranteed to improve every owner’s handheld experience. “These tips, tricks, and secrets must be known across the land!” I exclaimed, “from sea to coelacanth-filled sea!” And so, do enjoy the following six nuggets of 3DS-enhancing knowledge, soak in the secrets, and get educated!

Written by: Luke Frazier

Gaming industry addict. Twitter fiend. Unabashed lover of Kingdom Hearts. Other favorites include The Legend of Zelda, Portal, Bioshock, Journey, and peanut butter & banana sandwiches. Also, oatmeal. Let's be friends. @LukeAFrazier – Steam/PSN: GodAlliz

  • Jay Curtis

    Haha this is easily one of the funniest and most creative things I’ve seen in a long time.

    • Luke Frazier

      Ha, that surprises me! Whenever I have a video idea, I get about halfway through shooting it and decide it’s the worst thing ever. Have shot at least five different dumb things like this and deleted them because I thought they were awful. Thanks for being supportive!


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