Trying To Play Pokemon Competitively: Mistakes Were Made In The First 2 Weeks

I’ve been playing Pokemon ever since I first bought Pokemon Red with my birthday money way back in March of 1999. There were points over the years where I was much more into it than at other points. I played the hell out of Red and Yellow, but largely didn’t know what I was doing. Silver and Gold I played the most of and generation 2 was the only time I made a perfect team in. I had to have that perfect team for Pokemon Stadium 2 after all. Lastly Ruby was where I got the closest to catching them all. All Pokemon games between Ruby and Y I basically played enough to get through the elite 4 and haven’t went further into. But Pokemon Y is different. It has reignited that old Pokemon fire, and I’m loving it like I did when I was a kid. But now I don’t just have friends to beat on Pokemon Stadium. Now there are online ratings battles, so I can try beat the world!

For those who are unaware the new Pokemon games have ratings battles that keep track of your wins/losses online and gives you points accordingly. There are five different types of battles single, double, triple, rotation and special. For each kind of battle you start with a rating of 1500 points , then for every win or loss you either gain or lose anywhere from roughly 12–17 points. Lastly there are seasons that run a few months. So the people who have the most points in each battle type at the end of the season win virtual prizes. Also the rules for the special battles change every season. This season for example the only Pokemon allowed in special battles are ones that were introduced in X and Y. I’m going to make a team or two for these ratings battles and see how well I can do. I’ll also do a post every couple weeks or so to update how it is going and general trends I am noticing.

Nope, no Mewtwos allowed.

Nope, no Mewtwos allowed.

I started this season out rough, especially in single battles. I was so excited to try all this stuff that I rushed in with a team that wasn’t ready. Some of my Pokemon weren’t even the max level allowed to compete. Also in the beginning I was playing with the team I was completing the story with. So they weren’t even properly EV trained. Still none of my Pokemon are properly IV trained.

In the first week I barely played any ratings battles but lost almost every one. It was only this week after properly EV training some Pokemon (Snorlax, Starmie and Wobbuffet) that I started winning battles. And even then half my Pokemon weren’t properly trained.

I’m noticing some trends come and go as well. In the first week it seemed like every battle had a Blaziken or a Lucario present. I’m attributing this to the facts that everybody got these Pokemon, they are very powerful and their Mega Evolutions are new and cool. But more recently I’m seeing far fewer Lucarios used, hardly any in fact. But Blazikens are still everywhere. Also Mega Gengar is very popular online.

My current standings now on the morning of Sunday the 27th of October are:
Total Rating: 5817 Placing: 586
Single Rating: 1354 Placing: 51510
Double Rating: 1458 Placing: 11444
Triple Rating: 1470 Placing: 4004
Rotation Rating: 1535 Placing: 173
Special Rating: N/A Placing: N/A

Sooo many Lucarios....

Sooo many Lucarios….

Being placed number 586 in total sounds impressive, but I know it really isn’t. All it means is I’ve tried more different types of battles than most people. If somebody had just tried the four types of battle that I’ve played their total rating would be around 6000. Higher than me.

My rating in single battles is almost beyond repair at this point. I played far too many of these battles with under leveled, not properly trained story Pokemon. I’ll play a single battle once in awhile, but I’m basically writing single battles off for this season.

Double and Triple battles I also did a lot of damage too playing with improper Pokemon. But I see light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hoping to bring these ratings up in the next couple weeks.

My team seems almost made for rotation battles, although that wasn’t intentional. A surprise switch to Wobbuffet messes folks up. It is also worth nothing I’ve only done 3 or 4 of these battles so far and had a proper team. Hopefully I don’t mess it up from here.

Lastly the special battles. The only Pokemon allowed in the special battles this season are ones that are new to Pokemon X/Y. So I simply haven’t had a team anywhere near ready to  try this yet.

My loyal soldier

My loyal soldier

So there is a quick summary of my near disastrous first two weeks of playing Pokemon online. Over the next two weeks before I update again I plan on getting a decent team together for the special battles. I am currently breeding some Pokemon to make this happen. It is a very real possibility that some of these Pokemon may seep into my other teams since they will be properly trained, time will tell.

Written by: Ridge

Gamer who swears the Vita is worth it, yet always has a 3DS in his pocket..