A Young Girl’s Perspective of The Last of Us

The Last of Us has taken the gaming world by storm. Critics have absolutely adored this masterpiece. Fans cannot get enough of it. All types of gamers have given their opinions on it. All, that is, except one. Even though the game focuses heavily on a fourteen-year-old girl, no actual fourteen-year-old girls have voiced their opinions of the game. To change this, I talked to one. Although she does not have very much gaming experience, she has completed The Last of Us and thoroughly enjoyed it. We will be discussing various aspects of the game without spoiling key parts, but there are bound to be some spoilers here and there, so exercise caution if you have not completed The Last of Us. This game is too good to be spoiled.

(Due to her age, I will keep her identity anonymous.)

Curtis: “What is your past gaming experience?”

Jean: “I started playing video games on my grandfather’s NES. Since then, my gaming has been sporadic. I played Smash Bros. Melee and Animal Crossing a fair amount on the GameCube.”

Curtis: “What games have you finished that were released in recent years?”

Jean: “Journey, Portal, Portal 2, and The Last of Us”

Curtis: “That’s interesting. How exactly did you end up playing The Last of Us? It certainly is vastly different from what you had previously played.”

Jean: “I saw the E3 demo and I was impressed by the realistic fighting. In other games I’ve played its just hacking-and-slashing, but it looked like it involved another level of strategy in the combat.”


Curtis: “How did you come across the E3 demo?”

Jean: “My brother showed it to me along with a few other demos.”

Curtis: “What were your overall thoughts of the game? What did you think were its biggest strengths? Weaknesses?”

Jean: “I really enjoyed the game. I loved the strong characters, the lack of loading, and the way the game forced you to survive. I didn’t feel like it had any major weaknesses.”

Curtis: “The lack of loading? It’s interesting that you noted that. Did you feel like that contributed to the immersion you experienced while playing the game?”

Jean: “Definitely! Nothing jerks you mentally out of a game faster than an interruption.”

Curtis: “What are your thoughts on Ellie? Were you able to relate to her as a character due to the age likeness, or did her actions make you feel disconnected?”

Jean: “I really liked her as a character. I feel like if I was in her shoes we would have a lot in common, but her colorful language was distracting.”


Curtis: “The game uses various rough aspects of her character to show the results of being born into a fallen world. Do you feel like the more mature side of her was needed to enhance the story?”

Jean: “In many ways, yes. Many of her qualities were subtle hints about her world. I think the message of her difficult upbringing could have been conveyed with less language, but I understand where the developers are coming from.”

Curtis: “Do you feel like the violence in the game is justified?”

Jean: “It depends on the situation. Violence in defense is clearly justified, but some violence was not strictly for survival.”

Curtis: “Regarding the ending, did you find it satisfying, or would you have rather it had more closure?”

Jean: “I didn’t find it satisfying, but I wouldn’t change it either.”


Curtis: “Interesting, why wouldn’t you want to change it if you didn’t find it satisfying?”

Jean: “The Last of Us isn’t exactly a feel-good game. It’s the story of two people’s journey and it’s incredibly dark. The ending suits it.”

Curtis: “Do you feel like the game needs a sequel?”

Jean: “Needs a sequel? No. Though not exactly tied up with a bow, it does come full circle.”

Written by: Jay Curtis

The youngest writer at Gamers-Association. Twitter: @BlueOrigins PSN: TheBlue0rigins Steam: BlueOrigins