The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 28 – Janky Knees & Skeletal Hips

Three stodgy old men come together once again in back-to-back weeks of Gamers Association’s podcast to complain about privileged youths who know nothing of a cell phone-less society and dial-up Internet. The Army of Two Defense Force makes a roaring return before we find out when Link first murdered a helpless citizen in our Legend of Zelda Trivia Show. Culminating in the Top 10 Guy Butts in Gaming and talk of Nick’s chest hair, it could only be The Game Plan.

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Bonus points to Did You Know Gaming for providing much of the Legend of Zelda information for our show. Check ’em out.

Written by: Luke Frazier

Gaming industry addict. Twitter fiend. Unabashed lover of Kingdom Hearts. Other favorites include The Legend of Zelda, Portal, Bioshock, Journey, and peanut butter & banana sandwiches. Also, oatmeal. Let's be friends. @LukeAFrazier – Steam/PSN: GodAlliz