GA’s Gaming Guilty Pleasures

What’s your gaming guilty pleasure? Cashing in for the same HD remake on all systems? A real, honest-to-goodness love for Hello Kitty: Island Adventure? It doesn’t matter because we all have them. Here are some of our staff’s favorite – maybe incredibad – guilty pleasures.

It’s gotta be the Army of Two series. No question. Me and my friend get them on release day and just bunker down with each other on the couch until we beat it. I am Elliot Salem and he is Tyson Rios, best buds on a mission to save the world and – perhaps – discover the meaning of true friendship along the way. It’s the blinding bro-mance that makes the games so enjoyable. Not only would I make Elliot take a bullet for Tys in game, Elliot’s character would too in real life.

I always thought the way they bicker and tease, tripping one another through doors, is a fairly accurate depiction of being buds. There is an entire button dedicated to butt-slapping, air-guitaring, fist-bumping camaraderie and it’s the most important button. Never has a game of Rock Paper Scissors gone uncontested and we’ve made a vow to never use the reprimand button. Along with that, they are well-made games, functionally speaking. Finding your weapon niche and customizing it is a great time; I go for small arms accuracy while he goes for booming primary weapons. The cover system is a dream, working seamlessly and unobtrusively. But for all that, if Elliot and Tys ever found themselves in a tight spot, they could always go back-to-back, bro.



I can’t really think of any games I have right now that I would characterize as a “guilty pleasure.” Stupid fun, perhaps, but not a guilty pleasure. But back in middle school and the early part of high school, I was very deeply into The Sims 2. I quite literally played it to death. [Editor’s Note: We are currently searching for an up-and-coming writer to replace the deceased-by-Sims Logan]

I even bought most of the expansion packs. Not the “Stuff” packs, but the most of the others. To the best of my knowledge I had University, Seasons, Night Life, Open for Business, Bon Voyage, Free Time, and Apartment Life. At twenty bucks a pop. I played so much of The Sims during high school that even thinking about playing it again makes me want to throw up.


pokemon-snap I feel like my guilty pleasure has to be Pokemon games. I’ve spent a borderline-unhealthy percentage of my time on this earth playing some Pokemon game or another. Did I really need Blue, Red and Yellow? Did I really need Silver, Gold and Crystal versions? Probably not. Did anybody need to have Pokemon Snap? Or Hey You, Pikachu? Definitely not. Yet I had them all and played the hell out of all of them.

That being said, I am much better than I used to be. I didn’t get both versions, showed no interest in catching them all and didn’t even bother to spend a couple hundred hours to get a level-100 team on the last three groups of Pokemon games that came out .

I will honestly say I was proud of myself for not getting Pokemon Black or White 2 last year. I was like an alcoholic volunteering to be the designated driver. But I was just kidding myself. When I watched that Nintendo Direct conference where Pokemon X and Y were announced, I was more excited than any grown man should be. It is now apparent that I’m not off the stuff and Pokemon will be my guilty pleasure for some time.

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Written by: Nick Cane

Game writer, fervent lover of mac and cheese. Favorite games are ES4: Oblivion, Kirby's Adventure, Link's Awakening, Final Fantasy 8 and Mario Galaxy.