I Am MT: Card Battle Review


I Am MT: Card Battle is a massive title overseas and recently went free-to-play on the App Store.  Put out by LOCOJOY, it really is a genuine smash overseas moving a couple million copies. But what is I Am MT: Card Battle? Simply put, it looks like a mix of Hearthstone from Blizzard and a little bit of Puzzle and Dragons. You make a team of cards and you simply battle and progress. In other words, it’s addicting as glazed donuts and sweet as apple pie.


Gimme Gimme More

Like my old favorite P&D, I Am MT is pretty-darn-addicting. The game does a great job of giving you reasons to come back with not only levels to gain but equipment. From there, you can fuse cards and evolve them further. And if there’s one thing gamers love it’s watching XP bars bulge and burst with a gratifying “LEVEL UP!” at the end. That’s the sort of hunger we all have.


Tried and True

The base mechanics here are nothing new. But! The base mechanics here are very good. Picking and choosing from titles such as Pokemon, Puzzle and Dragons, maybe a tiny bit of Magic the Gathering and any other CCG (Collectible Card Game, duh), it’s hard to go wrong. Also, you sharp-eyed WoW vets will see some nods to characters and venues from the grandfatherly MMO.

The systems here are much more complex than I initially judged, however. Yes, you pick from three starters. Yes, you basically are in an endless dungeon crawl. Yes, you have almost no control of the actual battles. It’s odd alright. There is very little deck-building or gameplay to speak of, but this places much more emphasis on the RPG elements.

Likewise, the RPG elements are the most addicting part. Selling, leveling and evolving for the simply sake of doing just that. It is the make-or-break hinge on which I Am MT fulcrums. I love, love, love to watch my stuff get better.

Free to Play, not Pay to Win

Simple as that. I never felt gouged by the game’s monetary systems. It certainly will speed up your progress if you have some Runes – the currency of I Am MT – but it’s not the end-all. Some level-grinding and planning will get you there eventually. For a game that’s entirely free, there’s a great effort to keep it that way.



Pointless and Toothless

As I said above, the combat is almost completely hands-off. There is no meat to it. It’s the biggest hurdle to get over, without a doubt. But the other thing you might notice is the lack of external motivation. The game – while utterly fun and good – presents no real reason to keep coming back. It’s all on you.

Cluttered and Claustrophobic

The presentation and UI are not exactly fantastic. They’re the soup du jour of these kind of games; as much information crammed into the small space as possible (I played on an iPhone, not iPad, mind you). It’s certainly a bit tedious and unintuitive, but functional no doubt. The data and menus are so tightly packed that if there was no tutorial, I’d be completely lost. It’s a problem with no great solution and I get that.


All in all, I get it. I see why the millions of people are totally swept up in the craze of I Am MT: Card Battle. The game is addicting but – oddly enough – not the gameplay. However, if you get the itch to pump some things up with levels, or gear or evolutions, this might be the game for you. I can’t argue with the price and the convenience of an addicting-ish RPG on your phone will make your life better, I promise.

I Am MT: Card Battle Review Platform: iOS – iPhone

Written by: Nick Cane

Game writer, fervent lover of mac and cheese. Favorite games are ES4: Oblivion, Kirby's Adventure, Link's Awakening, Final Fantasy 8 and Mario Galaxy.

  • I always cringe just a little bit when i spot filter edited screenshots of other games used as artwork in games, like that Bronze dragon straight out of WoW. It reminds me of that Chinese Team Fortress knock off.

    • Preeeetty much. It’s rampant in mobile gaming. Nonetheless, game is really fun.