PlayStation 4 Hopes & Dreams

Even those that dwell beneath boulders are undoubtedly aware that the PlayStation 4 is probably being revealed tonight during Sony’s Future of PlayStation event. Though the PS3’s long-toted ten-year plan isn’t exactly at its end, everyone from the most devout PlayStation loyalist to a fiercely-opposing Xbox fanboy is intrigued to some degree to discover what we may see when the clock strikes 6 PM (EST).

It goes without saying, but so are we.

However, excitement isn’t the same as being stoked to step blindly into the next generation of PlayStation. Noticing this cautiously optimistic sentiment among the Gamers Association staff (emphasis on the former half of that phrase), I asked our writers to ponder the perfect trump card for a PS4. What revolutionary design decision would make this new iteration an automatic must? Told to be bold, the staff delivered. Read the results now and return in the evening as our hopes and dreams come crashing down.

Nick Cane: Out of Control

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: The DualShock controller is crap. Raised on original Xbox and 360 shooters, I have become acclimated to the immense precision of Microsoft’s joysticks. My disappointment always plays out the same way, too. It’s cold  I just got a new game to play. I get on the couch, under a warm blankie to get my game on and then it strikes. The same thought every time — Oh yeah, I hate this controller! I can rarely stomach the ordeal at all because of the joysticks.

Granted, they [Sony] already confirmed that the Ole DualShock will be sent on a fishing trip with the weird uncle, so I can rest easy. But, it’s been too long. Too. Long. Why can’t I slowly pan the sticks? Why is it an almost-binary input, either not moving or max tilt? And those triggers! Thank you in advance, Sony. I needed this.

Alex Wen: Resident Vita Defendant

It’s time for the Orbis and Vita cycle to be complete. No more half-hearted features; I want full integration between the Vita and the Orbis. Not only will this make the Orbis ready to beat Nintendo on the touchscreen front, it’ll be Sony’s killer app when compared to Microsoft. Vita has had streaming and cross-buy capabilities with the PS3 for a few select titles; it’s time to expand beyond that. I understand if some games would be too large in scope to be compatible with the Vita, but I don’t see what’s stopping more games from utilizing streaming capabilities. This can finally connect handheld with console, the same way a computer is used versus a smartphone. So get connecting!

Ridge Dermody: Cool & Content

Overall there are no glaring weaknesses bothering me with my current PlayStation 3. I’m probably more excited by the prospect of what games are being worked on for the PlayStation 4 that we don’t know about yet. What has Sucker Punch been working on since Infamous: Festival Of Blood? What is Naughty Dog’s second team working on?

I’ll be happy with just sequels to games I already love, but a little prettier than we’ve gotten used to this generation. Also some Gaikai integration could be amazing and that seems imminent since they bought it. In fact, I might be happy with the announcement that Sony “will deliver and speak about the future PlayStation business” being all about streaming games over Gaikai.

Luke Frazier: The Impossible Stream

It’s no secret that I’ve already checked out of next-gen, charted to join the Master Race for PC superiority. That said, Sony needs to go nuts for me. Like real nuts. Like not-feasible-given-our-country’s-current-networking-infrastructure future-tech nuts.

Yes, I’m bringing up my past prayers for perfect streaming again.

Seamless Gaikai integration is the only thing that could get me, the only secret recipe that could reel in this elusive fish. Ridge touched on it, but the PlayStation 4 must embrace the service to holy glory. How? I haven’t got a clue. To what end, then? Now we’re talking.

Think Netflix, now with games. OnLive already attempted this idea on a smaller scale, but if Sony could create a fully-functioning feature exploding with content, I’d be sold. Here’s that imaginary scenario:

Similar to PlayStation Plus as it exists today, Sony would establish a subscription service allowing access to dozens of decent-to-downright-remarkable titles. On a mere whim, any game could be instantly experienced simply by selecting it to initiate that Netflix-like stream. Hell, I wouldn’t even care if the majority of the offerings came from the PS3’s library. Give me more options than a man could rationally consume, regularly rotate out some old for new, and I’m ready to plunge a significant chunk of change into Sony’s appreciative pockets.

Of course, all these wishes are flat-out impossible. Unless I receive my miracle, I’ll see you on Steam.

So much detached talk, but will our rational determinations hold true after the actual revelations are made? Listen in shortly after gluing your eyes to the PlayStation livestream as our emotional minds mold together our initial reactions in a special edition of The Game Plan Podcast. Better yet, subscribe on iTunes, become a Gamers Association fan on Facebook, and/or follow @GamersAssn on Twitter to be notified as soon as the podcast posts.

We stand at the brink of an exciting new era, ladies and gentlemen. U R not [red]e.

Written by: Luke Frazier

Gaming industry addict. Twitter fiend. Unabashed lover of Kingdom Hearts. Other favorites include The Legend of Zelda, Portal, Bioshock, Journey, and peanut butter & banana sandwiches. Also, oatmeal. Let's be friends. @LukeAFrazier – Steam/PSN: GodAlliz