The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 13 – Taking Over Hello Kitty Online

Episode 13 of The Game Plan brings with it a birthday bonanza as Logan becomes an unimportant age. After Luke quits bragging about his gaming week free from real-life responsibilities, the Gamers Association guys get serious to discuss whether reviewers can rightfully criticize games for lacking innovation. Listen in on speculations about remaining current-gen surprises and visualize our eyes glazing over as we remember past gaming experiences that hold the most special places in our hearts.

Seriously, though, how about we celebrate Logan’s special day with a giveaway? A giveaway of The Witcher, to be exact! We do require a teensy-tiny bit of effort to win, however. There are two sound effects in this episode from two different classic games. Be the first person to correctly identify either of them by reporting in on Twitter, through Facebook, or in the comments below and we’ll bring The Witcher to you, free of charge. Aren’t we wonderful?

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Written by: Luke Frazier

Gaming industry addict. Twitter fiend. Unabashed lover of Kingdom Hearts. Other favorites include The Legend of Zelda, Portal, Bioshock, Journey, and peanut butter & banana sandwiches. Also, oatmeal. Let's be friends. @LukeAFrazier – Steam/PSN: GodAlliz