The Wonder Trade Experiment

Recently Pokemon X and Y were released. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you have at least heard about this. In a lot of ways these new games were a big step forward for the franchise. They gave us a new generation of Pokemon, as well as bringing the series into 3D. One of the new features added was the “Wonder Trade” system.

Wonder Trade is essentially a random Pokemon trade. Up until this now you always had to agree to a Pokemon trade and knew exactly what you were giving up, and what you would be getting in return. Wonder Trade gets rid of all that. Instead you essentially pick what Pokemon you want to give up, and the Pokemon you receive in exchange comes from a random different trainer using Wonder Trade at the time.

Every person I’ve explained this to has basically had one of two reactions. The first just being something along the lines of “That sounds cool”, and the second being something more along the lines of “That could be dangerous”. Which is correct, because it is dangerous. With this system there is nothing stopping somebody from just spamming the system was super weak, easy to catch Pokemon in hopes of getting awesome Pokemon in return. You can also access Wonder Trade very early in the game, so many people will just try it out when they don’t even have access to “good” Pokemon yet.

I nicknamed maybe 5 of the Pokemon I was sending out my Twitter name. Because I'm shameless..

I nicknamed maybe 5 of the Pokemon I was sending out my Twitter name. Because I’m shameless..

This all made me wonder how often you get a good or rare Pokemon in the Wonder Trade, and how often you get a undesirable Pokemon. The easiest way to try this out seemed to be just catching a bunch of extra Pokemon, throwing them into Wonder Trade and seeing what I get in return.

The first group of Pokemon I sent through the Wonder Trade are actually pretty decent ones. I caught most of them in and around Victory Road, mainly because that was just where I was when I got this idea. So although these Pokemon aren’t really rare, they are a high enough level to really help out somebody early in the game. So I might have brightened some kids day a little bit. Here is the first group I threw into Wonder Trade, and what I got in return.

Graveler     Lv. 58 <—-> Litleo           Lv. 5
Gurdurr      Lv. 58 <—-> Noibat         Lv. 1
Graveler     Lv. 57 <—-> Scatterbug   Lv. 5
Graveler    Lv. 58  <—-> Zigzagoon   Lv. 3
Haunter     Lv. 58  <—-> Flabebe       Lv. 7
Lickitung   Lv. 58 <—->  Floatzel       Lv. 52
Wobbuffet Lv. 1    <—->  Marill        Lv. 25
Floatzel      Lv. 29 <—->  Flabebe     Lv. 14
Ursaring    Lv. 52 <—->  Skarmory    Lv. 1
Gurdurr     Lv. 58 <—-> Scatterbug   Lv. 3
Gurdurr     Lv. 57 <—-> Luvdisc        Lv. 15
Gurdurr     Lv. 58 <—-> Zangoose     Lv. 1
Haunter     Lv. 58 <—-> Slowpoke     Lv. 25
Geodude    Lv. 28 <—-> Noibat         Lv. 30
Graveler    Lv. 57 <—->Woobat         Lv.23
Fearow      Lv. 57 <—->Charmeleon   Lv. 30
Graveler   Lv. 58 <—-> Honedge        Lv. 14
Gurdurr    Lv. 57 <—->Farfetch’d        Lv. 7
Graveler   Lv. 57 <—->Skrelp             Lv. 1
Gurdurr    Lv. 58 <—->Mareep           Lv.1
Graveler   Lv. 57 <—->Bidoof            Lv. 4
Scyther     Lv. 51 <—-> Pansear        Lv. 9
Altaria       Lv.51 <—->  Ralts            Lv. 8

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Written by: Ridge

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