Alright, People Who Hate On Modern Resident Evil, I Get It

I personally like Resident Evil 6. Looking around the Internet; it almost looks like I am alone with my praise of this title. I am by no means saying it is an amazing game or that anybody reading this should run out to buy it, but if you just want to kill some time shooting some zombies and other weird creatures, there is a good time to be had here. Some other people, though, are going as far as to proclaim this console generation killed the Resident Evil franchise, especially since it ended last generation debatably at its strongest point after Resident Evil 4. I’ll admit I largely didn’t understand where people were coming from. So, on a whim a few weeks back, I decided to download the original Resident Evil and, after spending some time with it, I see where you guys are coming from.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the original Resident Evil is a good game, or even an acceptable game by today’s standards. But I noticed right away the survival horror element everybody complained wasn’t present in the new Resident Evil games. You see, never really playing any survival horror game,s I don’t think I really understood what the term meant. I’m playing RE6 on the hardest difficulty, running out of ammo if I’m not careful, there are zombies everywhere and it’s dark. That’s survival horror, right? I guess not, and this became abundantly clear as early in RE1 as the first zombie encounter.

Almost looks cute enough to hug, but is surprisingly deadly!

Almost looks cute enough to hug, but is surprisingly deadly!

I came to realize that, in Resident Evil 6, you might as well be a god. Oh, there are 10 or 15 zombies blocking your path and you want to save ammo? No problem, because Leon has legs, and he can quite easily use those legs to kick that small army of zombies to death. This is a stark contrast to the fighting in Resident Evil 1. That first zombie doesn’t look intimidating in the least. I figured Chris could knife it to death, no problem. We literally traded blows for a moment. I slashed him twice with my knife and he managed to bite me twice.

Not knowing exactly how much of this Chris could take, I switched to my gun, stepped back a few paces and started shooting the thing. It still killed me … The first enemy in the goddamn game killed me.

So this is what survival horror is. Instead of being a one man army like I was used to, literally every enemy is a legitimate threat. I’d never played a game like this in the past, and the controls barely work. Plus I went back and beat the game, so that made me feel better. It was just a different experience. Current Resident Evil games are undeniably action games and this is just something different altogether.

In Resident Evil 6 this guy was easier to kill than that last guy was in Resident Evil 1.

In Resident Evil 6 this guy was easier to kill than that last guy was in Resident Evil 1.

The other thing that struck me as brilliant in RE1 was how the save system worked. In RE6 and almost everything else nowadays, the game will either autosave once in a while or throw impossible-to-miss save points at you. I wished for something similar while playing RE1. What this game brilliantly does is require an ink ribbon to save the game on one of the many typewriters hidden throughout the mansion (although this system was also infuriating). Not only do you have to look for somewhere to save your progress, you also have to find an item to save. This becomes another item you want to conserve, so you’ll pass many save points without using it. So when your running from zombies in this game, there is a legitimate fear you could lose your progress and that could quite possibly be the last hour of your life, if not longer. This was a harsh reality, unlike in RE6 where dying sends you back five minutes or so to the last checkpoint.

Overall, I really prefer Resident Evil 6 to the original. It is just plain old fun while the original is stressful and not even enjoyable. Maybe I’m just not hardcore enough for games that don’t have the modern conveniences I enjoy. Although Resident Evil 6 is without a doubt the better game in my mind, I am willing to agree with all the Internet whiners and concede that the series has abandoned everything that made the original few games popular.

The opening of Resident Evil is so ridiculous, I just have to throw it in on the end.

Written by: Ridge

Gamer who swears the Vita is worth it, yet always has a 3DS in his pocket..

  • KingSigy

    My combat to the complaint about RE not being survival horror is this: How many times can you face the same terror and be scared?

    There has to be some point where Leon and Chris wake up and go, “Jesus, these fuckers again. Screw this, I’m going ballistic.” It only makes sense for RE to be action oriented now.

    It doesn’t excuse really shitty gameplay, though. So, I’m sorry, I still don’t agree that RE6 is good.

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  • Okay, I have played all of the resident evils, I love ALL of them. That franchise is always in my heart. Its one of the best games ever. I have played re1 and it wasn’t hard at all. I played it on the hardest mode mind you and although I did get stuck some puzzles I fully enjoyed the game. The same goes for the rest of the games. Including 4-6 and operation raccoon city. Now i’m definitely not saying that I never had a challenge from them, I’d be lying, but I found no problem in any of them. I love the story, gameplay, and dialogue in all of them. Can some please explain to me want the problem is with resident evil, it can’t be the difficulty. Some people say it’s because they stop putting zombies in it but that makes no sense. Like I said before I have all of the resident evils and I noticed that, yeah its a big part in the game, but re was never about the zombies, it was always about bioterrorism. Bioterrorism as in the virus created by umbrella and how that virus was altered into different forms of the the virus. In re 4 they moved away from the t and g virus so that they could bring another form of Bioterrorism. Then they kept expanding on that virus( Bioterrorism ). So please someone explain to me what is wrong with the newer resident evils.

    • Efren SG

      Actually, it wasnt about bioterrorism, it was about biohazards, hence the name in japan

  • bradsboards

    You should really give RE2 a try. That was the pinnacle of the old style RE games. And if you think you might have any interest in following the evolution of Survival Horror and can stomach a mediocre port, I would highly reccomend the Silent Hill HD collection as well. SH 2 is the best game in the genre in my opinion. RE 1 was an important game but it doesn’t hold up as well as the games that directly followed it.

  • HarryMasonHerpDerp

    I hate the new games.
    I even thought RE4 was a terrible Resident Evil game. A heck of a lot of fun but it should of been a new IP. Anyway respect for at least going back to the old games and trying them, there’s no denying they are dated and hard to control but it doesn’t mean Capcom can’t keep the old formula and just use the RE4 controls. My main complaint is there’s just no horror elements at all anymore. No atmosphere and no scares, just action action action. Just to add though I thought RE6 was even a bad action game, the controls, camera and QTES killed any sense of fun to be had.

  • The old games were ok for that time, but I liked what I played in re6 more. Also I hated leon’s part in re6 except for the part when your outside on the street.

  • m r

    Way to go asshole newb.

    Props for finally realizing what we have FUCKING HATED for the past 9 years. Note the emphasis on the words fucking and hated.

    Luckily for you, “The Last of Us” comes out soon. Truly the last of the third person survival horror genre now that we have lost Dead Space.

    • bigevilworldwide

      SHUT THE FUCK UP seriously…..You don’t like it, well tough shit, get over it and yourself while your at it you mong. I’ve been play RE since 1996 and I like RE6 just fine. It’s the morons like you and the insentient need to cry about things everywhere that makes gamers look bad….You hate it so much yet your little brain has so little to do people like you feel the need to comment on any article that even mentions RE6….Some people actually got the concept that the story had to evolve, it had to eventually go big NOBODY well except I guess for a retarded neckbeard would actually keep trying to contain a virus in mansions and underground facilities, someone with a brain would eventually try to expose an entire country or the world for that matter…..

      OH and by the way Resident Evil HAS NEVER EVER BEEN SCARY, unless your version of scary is tank controls and crappy camera angles….If you don’t like it thats fine more power to you, but who the hell do you seem to think you are little boy that your just going to PUSH your view on others and call them stupid. So if anyone needs to go fuck themselves it’s YOU little boy, go back to mommy’s basement and be brave on your computer somewhere else. You and the people like you with the crying and crying is just old and tired, go drink some bleach please.

      • Lol people might start a dumb internet war over this but whatever, I agree with you 100%. This hardcore gamer bullshit attitude is getting retarded.

        • m r

          The only thing that’s dumb is how such a poorly made game like RE6 can sell so many copies on name alone despite the fact that it’s a complete insult to the Resident Evil brand and everything the original Resident Evil games represented.

          Even the series creator doesn’t want anything to do with the series anymore and will not even play or acknowledge the games. It’s so fucking sad.

          Or the fact that if you went on Capcom’s forums where they specifically asked their fans what they wanted out of RE6 YOU COULD SEE PEOPLE ASKING FOR THE GAME TO BE MORE LIKE THE ORIGINALS. WE CLEARLY WANTED THEM TO BRING THE HORROR BACK. But they didn’t listen to a word of it. They saw the Call of Duty sales numbers and acted out of greed. Complete disregard for the fans of the series to attract as many casual shooter players as possible. Fuck you people. You don’t know shit.

          • I wasn’t there when they ask what people want, but if I was I would have told them to not make it like the old one.
            Re6 was fun playing with my friend and at the end of the day that’s all a dame video game should be about, your not a fan of it an you know that a lot others share your opinion. But you need to understand that no matter how many people my agree, there’s also others who are happy with the game and it being more on action.

            Besides if they were to put “real horror” back in the games I sure as hell don’t wanna see that shit from old re games lol and yes I played some of them.

            But we got 2 different opinions on this subject an so let’s just leave it

          • m r

            NO. They should have made a NEW IP. A NEW FRANCHISE. You can have your fun with that franchise. They didn’t have to ruin our games. THey’re a bunch of no balls faggots. So are you.

          • It’s just a video game kid, stop crying damn


      • bradsboards

        I love that you rip on him for crying, whining and pushing his views on others by doing the exact same thing.

      • m r

        Hah. So predictable. I knew that would be the first response. That the series was never scary. That’s a complete load of crap. It had tension. Anyone who actually played the games has the sense not to make such an ignorant statement.

        Never been scary. Says the kid who can’t play a game without checkpoints and autosaves. I’m sure you didn’t jump the first time the dogs jumped through the window or the hunters chased you through the mansion when you hadn’t saved in over an hour. Oh wait you probably never played it.

        Honestly thinking all the way back to when I was playing Resident Evil 2 I remember thinking that I hoped the series never lost it’s edge. That it always stayed as tense as those games were. That they didn’t ever degrade the series into a kids game. But that’s exactly what they did. The movies only made the series even more ridiculous. Now who wants to even admit to having played the series. It’s just one big joke to anyone who never played the orignals. I knew this would happen.

        This has nothing to do with hardcore anything. This is about the survival horror genre that was replaced by an action series for little no brain dirtbag pansies who just want to mindlessly shoot everything.

        It doesn’t matter. Sales on RE6 were so shit that they’ll go back to the survival horror niche. Sales on RE7 are going to be even worse now that they’ve disappointed so many fans with that quicktime event laden disaster of a game.

    • bradsboards

      You seem to be claiming that you are an adult but your immature rant sounds like the ramblings of a petulant teenage fanboy. If you really are an adult, you might want to seek counseling.

      • m r

        You don’t know what a rant is if you think that’s a rant. I will trash this game at every opportunity to distinguish it from the masterpieces that were RE123. The only thing RE6 shares with these games is the name. They should have made a completely separate IP and everyone would be happy, but they are greedy no balls bitches with 0 regard for the fans of their games.

        Doesn’t matter to me. Never again will I give Capcom a dime of my money. I have a college degree, no debt and tens of thousands in the bank. Go fuck yourself with your blanket accusations.

        • bradsboards

          It wasn’t a blanket accusation. It was specific. Based on your writing you seem mentally unbalanced. If you are a teenager lying about being an adult, fine, you still have some growing up to do. However, if you are actually an adult, you should really get some therapy.

          For the record, I am with you on Resident Evil. As a fan of 1 through Code Veronica, I am very disappointed in the direction the series has taken. So my judgement of your behavior doesn’t stem from disagreement.

  • You were almost a Jill Sandwich!

    • Ridge

      Dammit. Don’t get me started on that dialog…