Gamers Association Giveaway: Gravi [CLOSED]

It’s that time of the season, we will be giving one of you a chance to win Gravi, an indie developed game approved via the Greenlight program that Steam offers.

Gravi is an intense puzzle-platformer that will test your tolerance for pain. Shoot and swing your way towards victory as Gravi, an adorable blue ball of energy. While you’re launching through terrorizing traps and bending gravity to your will, Anti-Gravi, an atomic ball of rage, is barreling down on your position.​ 
After losing yourself in the ridiculously trap-filled underbelly of an alien test facility, you must use your wits and perseverance to solve a series of perplexing puzzles. Along the way, your limits will be put to the test by all sorts of absurdly dangerous hazards. 

Snatch up collectables and fight off Anti-Gravi on your path to freedom. If you can survive Gravi’s 40 unique levels and best Anti-Gravi at his own game, you just might make it out alive. 

Check out the official trailer for Gravi here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners: 1
Prize: (1) Steam redemption code for Gravi
Closes: November 23rd 12:00 AM EST

Written by: Andrew Moreno

Andrew is a PC gamer to the core, always will be and always has. He enjoys playing Battlefield, Call of Duty, Skyrim and Black Hawk Down. You can find Andrew on: Facebook - Twitter -Google+ - Steam- Xbox Live

  • Matenshi

    Had seen it through promotions and thought it looked interesting.

  • Halie Cyon

    Looks good 🙂

  • Leon Durham

    Looks like a fun game. I hope the reviews are good.

  • Colorfill

    Never heard of it, but it looks interesting.

  • Jay Zee

    Looks like a neat game, thanks for the chance!

  • GameDemonKing

    The game is interesting to try out

  • James

    Sounds like a challeging game. I’m up for it! 🙂

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