Playing Through The Backlog – DMC: Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry is one of those franchises that I never got into. Back in 2001 when the first game came out I was still pretty much a Nintendo fanboy. So buying a PlayStation 2 with Devil May Cry instead of a GameCube with Luigi’s mansion a month later seemed absolutely ridiculous. After skipping past the original Devil May Cry I just never went back to it, and saw no reason to pickup any of the sequels. Lucky for me rebooting franchises from previous generations became a trend near the end of last gen. So, just like with Tomb Raider this seemed like a great time to jump into Devil May Cry. I wasn’t too sure what I should expect going in, all I had heard previously was that these games were difficult and had a unique ridiculousness to them.

Right off the bat it was painfully clear that this was going to be a ridiculous experience. The opening cut scene has the best, and most action packed random objects covering a naked guy’s junk scene in recent memory. The ridiculous fun starts right away and doesn’t stop.

One thing I really came to appreciate the more I got into it was DMC’s combat system. The game does a really good job of slowly introducing you to new mechanics and weapons. At first you start out only really knowing how to do a basic attack. But before I knew it I found myself doing semi intricate combos and not even really realizing it. After the game teaches you a new attack, or gives you a new weapon to use there is always an ample supply of enemies to practice on. Many of the combos just seem to come naturally. I lastly have to mention the combos shown in the loading screens. They did a really good job of reminding me that despite how good I felt I was at the game, I was actually garbage.

The boss battles were undoubtedly some of the highlights of the game. Battles against everything from your own brother to a demon baby fetus. I feel like I don’t play a lot of boss battles like the ones in DMC anymore. Not so much focus on quick time events, and more focus on just combat. All the boss battles were just plain old fun excitement. There were so many huge attacks I dodged that I swear were going to kill me. So many well timed dodges waiting for my chance to strike. This all leads to a real sense of accomplishment upon winning a boss battle, especially some of the harder ones near the end of the game.

There are also just a lot of little touches that really add to the overall experience of DMC. Things like the limbo effects. The world looks cool when it transitions into it’s demonic limbo state. When you walk around limbo little things like street lights just collapse and are destroyed as you walk past. The world also falls apart and forms obstacles in your path in the most perfect way. I also really appreciated little animations that would play once in awhile when you jump on a ledge. Just little touches that add a lot to the game.

This was my first DMC game, and I had a lot of fun with it. I’m not going to go back and play previous Devil May Cry games, but I look forward to see where the franchise goes from here. The combination of action and humor just really worked for me. I really shouldn’t have waited this long to get into DMC.

Written by: Ridge

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