Review Scoring

Ever wonder what our scores mean? What each star represents? Well, we at Gamers Association have the following thoughts in mind when we score our reviews.



Masterpieces. Not necessarily perfect, but we highly recommend these games to anyone and everyone. These are the true stand-outs, succeeding across the board, giving hope and inspiration to our future generations of gaming to come.


Great! Games that are generally pretty awesome with only a few kinks holding them back. They may not be enough to win over gamers not hot on a particular genre, but even people with a slight interest should check them out.


Just okay. Not as good as we would hope for, yet not without their fair share of solid moments. May be extremely divisive or simply all right, being neither thoroughly successful nor absolute failures.



Not the worst, yet nothing to write home about, either. They may show off a neat idea or two and some obvious effort was put into them, but we’ve both seen and played better and didn’t walk away impressed.



Just bad games. No good time can be had from playing, looking at, or listening to these should-be bargain bin titles. Not worth your money or time investment no matter the circumstances. Skip ’em.