Grand Theft Auto 5

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Review


Grand Theft Auto V is the latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series where you hit the main city of Los Santos, the original adventures of Grand Theft Auto (GTA), the game that started it all. GTA 5 sort of breaks away from the traditional game play partly due to the ability to play as any of the three main characters, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. Each have their own special abilities, characteristics, and personalities. You start out playing as Franklin as the beginning character who is the youngest character out of the three. He strives to become and live a better life from his previous past of repo-ing vehicles from a shady car dealership. Then you play as Michael who is one of the original crew members from the beginning scene of the game, no matter how many times he tries to get away from the bad decisions and mistakes he has made, it seems as if he is always brought back into it. Then there’s the psychopathic/maniac Trevor who is always trying to do get-rich-schemes and expand his industry of distributing guns and meth to all of San Andreas. GTA 5 does an awesome job showing the world each and every characters own motivation, missions, and personas.


Alternating Between Characters

The one true difference between past GTA games is the ability to switch between the characters. They make it unique and seamless when switching between characters, partly because each character lives their own lives when not playing them. You can play as Trevor for a few hours doing side missions or even preparing to do one of the main missions which usually involves all three characters at one point. But the whole point is, when you switch back to Franklin or Michael, they could be a strip joint or laying beside their pool doing activities on their own.



Vast Open World Environment

One of the greatest reasons why I love the game would be the option to cruise and explore the open city of Los Santos from downtown to the northern deserts. You can take a break from the main missions and find many ways to distract yourself for a few hours or more from random activities to side missions. It is pretty rare to drive down the road without finding something to do. I like to explore the many different sceneries, such as the beautiful and rich neighborhoods where Michael resides. The ghetto, gang infested part of Los Santos where Franklin is usually out and about at. Then there’s the hillbilly desert Blaine county where Trevors drugs and gun industry operates out of. You will find the different terrains with many different activities.

Character Narration

For those of you that have already played or is looking to get GTA 5, you will find the narration, the conversations, and scenes of the characters and missions is one hilarious crack up. There hasn’t been a single scene where I haven’t laughed at. From the frustration of Michael going through therapy dealing with family issues and the life he lives. The maniac stunts you will see drive Trever almost crazy killing whole biker gangs or taking out the competition.

Flight School and Gun Range

One thing I did enjoy having the option of doing, was the flight school and ability to visit the gun range and practice with different weapons. They offer many different perks such as the percentage of how well you did and offered three medals (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) on them as well. and trust me when I say this, it will take many times to get a perfect score or gold medal on some of the flight school trainings and gun range scores. Good luck!



Nothing Ground Breaking to The Game

Obviously, GTA 5 is a really fun game to play and is one of Rockstars most popular games in the making. But for me, besides a few small new features, essentially it seems like Rockstar has mashed together other games they developed and Grand Theft Auto-fied it. From bring the open world city environment and map from the Midnight Club series, the way animals react and move from Red Dead Redemption, the same ol graphics from GTA 4. Their maybe a little improvement as far as graphics and animation goes, but very similar to its previous game.

Lack of OS support for GTA Mobile App

When you play as Franklin you have the option to download and install an iOS application called iFruit which helps you train your dog, Chop, which is a great feature. But what about all the support for Android or other Mobile OS’s? You would think they would have the applications developed and released for all OS before the game was even launched? This could be a exclusive iOS app launch first, but they have already announced it for Android and Windows based smartphones.


Having to Wait for GTA Online 

This may not be one of my biggest pet peeves due to the fact that I rather play and beat the single player game than to just jump into Online play and I am not sure the exact reasoning for the delayed Online feature that many fans are waiting for. GTA online isn’t available to play until October 1st, it is right around the corner. But the whole point of this, is us having to wait 15 days in order to play online with our friends. Enough said! We will either update our review with more on GTA online or write another review on just the online portion of GTA 5 so stay tuned!


One of the best games I have played on the Xbox 360 in quite a while if you asked me. It does have very little complaints, but the overall experience of playing GTA 5 was very satisfying. This has been a very long week of playing many hours in the game and hope to play more once online is out! Would recommend to anyone looking for a new game or something to past time for many, many hours.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Review Platform: Xbox 360

The Good

  • Alternating Between Characters
  • Vast Open World Environment
  • Character Narration
  • Flight School and Gun Range

The Bad

  • Having to Wait for GTA Online
  • Lack of OS support for GTA Mobile App
  • Nothing Ground Breaking to The Game

Written by: Andrew Moreno

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