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A Blue Shell of Hope: Wii U Can Still Strike Back

Two million copies in one month is not too shabby. Mario Kart 8 impressed critics by delivering the same zany fun of the series, while

July 24, 2014 Features, Gaming, Wii U
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The Current State of PlayStation Vita

With the Vita well into its first year since launch, it’s time for a status check on the state of the PlayStation portable console. Launching

August 18, 2013 Features, Gaming, Vita
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Are Video Games Just Busywork?

As a kid, video games were an ubiquitous part of daily life, sitting alongside schoolwork and sleep. However, as people got older, gaming seemed to

August 06, 2013 Gaming, Online Games
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Then and Now: Gaming Evolution (Part 2)

Gaming is an evolving beast. The world keeps changing and so does gaming. Last time, I delved into how game saving, tutorials, and DLC have

July 28, 2013 Features, Gaming
Tokyo_Jungle1-990x556 0 Tokyo Jungle Mobile Review Overall Score

Tokyo Jungle Mobile Review

When the original Tokyo Jungle came out for the PS3 about a year ago, the game was met with WTFs all around. Turns out the game wasn’t

July 22, 2013 Gaming, Reviews, Vita
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Then and Now: Gaming Evolution (Part 1)

Gaming is a medium that’s closely intertwined with technology. As such, it evolves at breakneck speeds and it’s best demonstrated when comparing common gaming mechanics

July 15, 2013 Features, Gaming
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Are Visual Novels Video Games?

Visual novels have always occupied a weird realm on the Internet. It’s often tainted by the reputation that it’s nothing more than interactive porn. However,

July 07, 2013 Gaming, Opinion
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Xbox One = PS3?

Overpriced, future-proof, and coming off a successful generation, these descriptors can aptly describe both the PS3 and the Xbox One. While the 360 and PS3

Mass-Effect-3-Citadel-DLC 6

Gaming Is Not Ready For Sex

Sex. Sex. Sex. It’s everywhere, but it’s nowhere at the same time. A taboo subject that gets brought up in relation to gaming over and

June 23, 2013 Gaming, Opinion
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E3: I Was Not Impressed

With every new generation, there’s hope for something newer and grander. It’s what makes events such as E3 so exciting, often offering a glimpse into


E3 Represents Everything I Love (and Hate) About Gaming

Every year, like clockwork, E3 rolls around and with it a frenzy of gaming news that puts gaming blog servers to the test. It’s a

June 07, 2013 Events, Gaming, Opinion
SONY DSC 1 Logitech G710+ Keyboard Review Overall Score

Logitech G710+ Keyboard Review

Lifting the 4+ pounds of keyboard out of the box, it became apparent that this wasn’t some light toy. Featuring a minimalistic black design, the

May 15, 2013 Gaming, Reviews
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