A Blue Shell of Hope: Wii U Can Still Strike Back

Two million copies in one month is not too shabby. Mario Kart 8 impressed critics by delivering the same zany fun of the series, while also adding some impressive improvements. More importantly, it sold very well. For a struggling console, the latest Mario Kart is a symbol of hope. Nintendo’s

The Current State of PlayStation Vita

With the Vita well into its first year since launch, it’s time for a status check on the state of the PlayStation portable console. Launching to lukewarm commercial success, the PlayStation Vita has struggled to gain any momentum in the handheld market. A year and a half later, the story

Are Video Games Just Busywork?

As a kid, video games were an ubiquitous part of daily life, sitting alongside schoolwork and sleep. However, as people got older, gaming seemed to fall out of favor, replaced with novels and DVDs. Make no mistake, the stigma that gaming is reserved for little kids and otaku is far

Then and Now: Gaming Evolution (Part 2)

Gaming is an evolving beast. The world keeps changing and so does gaming. Last time, I delved into how game saving, tutorials, and DLC have changed over time. This time around, we’ll look at the music, multiplayer, and escort missions in gaming. Music Then: Due to technical limitations, music in video

Tokyo Jungle Mobile Review

When the original Tokyo Jungle came out for the PS3 about a year ago, the game was met with WTFs all around. Turns out the game wasn’t some joke, and it was actually based on some fairly solid mechanics. Now, Sony is bringing the arcade-like, dog-eat-dog game to the small screen by


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