Superhot is Super Hot

I’m down to try anything if it means I can procrastinate getting any actual work done for a couple more hours, and nothing helps me more at this than the aftermath of a Seven Day FPS Challenge. For those of you who are unaware, the 7DFPS Challenge is a game

BioShock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds Review

More BioShock Infinite; Yay BioShock Infinite is a very good game. Now that I’ve got that never-been-heard-before piece of information out there, I found it kind of disappointing when I finished up 1999 Mode and was met with nothing else to do besides just play through the game again. With

Rack n’ Ruin Preview

It seems like I hear of games made by former Blizzard employees more and more these days, and I certainly welcome that trend to keep on going if it leads to more neat little games like Rack n’ Ruin. Developed by Lifespark Entertainment and directed by former Blizzard artist Tyler

Revisited: Bientôt l’été

Art games sure are neat, aren’t they? Another week slowly orbits passed, as does another episode of Revisited. I’m taking an in-depth, artistic, critical analysis of a beach-walking/chess-playing/thing-looking simulator by the name of Bientôt l’été. I get this sinking feeling that I’m neither stoned nor French enough to enjoy my purchase


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I Am Bread: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?
Uncharted Apocalypse Trailer
Velocity 2x is one of Jay's top 5 games of the year. Congrats @FuturLab!