The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Review

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is an interesting game. There were more than a couple of puzzles that made me scratch my head, and actually think. I really enjoyed how the game has enough balance between gameplay and intelligence to make players feel like they are solving puzzles themselves. And in

Character Biographies VI: Mega Flare

It’s technically Sunday in my time zone right now, but I was just on vacation in Hawaii, and in Hawaii it’s still Saturday. Don’t judge me. Anyway, we know that last week I hinted at Bahamut, and if you guessed right, you win some air. You’ll get it in 3-4

Biographies IV: The Prince Is In Another Castle

In a mirror universe, where we had a woman plumber saving a kidnapped prince, it would have been Toadette, and not Toad, giving us our repetitive and recurring ill news. But it isn’t, and I think it’s important to know just who Toadette is; where she stands amongst gaming characters. Because video

Biographies III: Finish Him!

Surprised?  Shao Kahn is a pretty relevant character to gaming as a whole.  Most recognize him, and many will get flashbacks to the mid ’90s thinking of him, pumping quarters into the arcade to try to defeat the final boss of Mortal Kombat 2.  Only alluded to in Mortal Kombat,


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