Painkiller: Hell & Damnation Preview

Painkiller is not a game I’d come across before I played the demo, so I had no expectations either way for the quality of gameplay. From the onset, it looks like your typical bloodthirsty bullet fest, and it turns out that’s exactly what it is. The concept for the game

Spartacus Legends Review

It’s one of those novelty games that is released alongside its film/TV series for the promotion. And like the TV series, Spartacus Legends gives fans what they want: brutal fights, gladiatorial scenery and excessive profanities. Equip your fighter with a few shreds of leather and metal and work your way

The Future of Xbox SmartGlass

As far as gaming goes, the Xbox 360 and the Apple AppStore are my primary sources of entertainment. They’re easily accessible and, thanks to Microsoft’s app, Xbox SmartGlass, the two go hand in hand. But so far, SmartGlass support is limited, allowing interaction with the dashboard and Xbox apps such

Halo 5 – What We Know [with Spoilers]

[Editor’s Note: Despite the author’s claim in the first two sentences, Halo series spoilers – including those from Halo 4 – are written within this article. Proceed with caution.] ——– Is it still too soon to discuss the end of Halo 4? The answer, of course, is yes. But now


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