I Can Already Play!

I recently replayed Donkey Kong Country Returns and was struck with a weird thought: Are newer games truly as great as the older generations? I’m not talking in terms of iteration or level design, either. I mean, is something like the newest Donkey Kong good because I can ignore the

Why’d It Have to be Phil Fish?

Last week, I finally finished Fez and felt pretty good. Phil Fish had a difficult time making the game and it seemed he was always being attacked for his opinions. He was a bit of an elitist, but the man deserved some credit. He salvaged a product from the brink

Fez: A Shift of Perspective

Gomez lives in a relatively flat world. Anybody he meets doesn’t utter more than a few words to him and everyone just kind of moseys back and forth. Gomez is stuck in this same situation, too. When the village elder grants him the gift of the almighty fez, Gomez’s life