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large 0 AiRace Speed Review Overall Score

AiRace Speed Review

AiRace Speed is a tiny, downloadable 3DS racer that came out a few days ago. While it certainly melts faces with its speed, it’s far

September 26, 2013 3DS, Gaming, Reviews
RR-600x400 1

Review Rundown: What is Gameplay?

Reviews! They’re a big deal on the Internet. We love to slap numbers on stuff and dissect games into tidy little compartments – placing a

September 19, 2013 Features, Gaming, Opinion, Reviews
ElectronicSuperJoy 2013-06-25 15-38-00-28 0 Electronic Super Joy Review Overall Score

Electronic Super Joy Review

Electronic Super Joy is self-described as “The unholy merging of Super Meat Boy & Super Hexagon” on its Steam page. Hmph. High praise considering those

August 28, 2013 Gaming, PC, Reviews
Elder-Scrolls-Online-windmill 4

TESO Subscriptions, Conspiracy Theories and Butter

A while back I shelved an overtly-trolling, conspiracy article titled “Nothing New Ever Again.” I tossed it because conspiracies aren’t my bag. If I am

August 23, 2013 Gaming, Opinion, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
3601 0 Space Hulk Review Overall Score

Space Hulk Review

Space Hulk is in a bit of an odd place. It’s a very literal, very true-to-form board game adaptation from Full Control pitting a squad

August 19, 2013 Gaming, PC, Reviews
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Dota’s International is a Welcome Change of Pace

Confession time: I’ve kept up with The International 3 and its 2.8 million dollar prize purse. Like, a lot. Like, an embarrassing amount, to be

August 09, 2013 Features, News, Opinion
logo 6

Let’s Chat about Polygon’s Dragon’s Crown Review

If you haven’t read my sweeping, epic series “The Review Rundown,” it focuses on the thought process of reviewing video games. I take great care

August 02, 2013 Gaming, Opinion, PlayStation 3, Vita
Cover 1

Infographic: Top Video Game Industry Salaries, Studios & Schools

Hey gang! Remember that podcast we did a bit back? The one with Nathan Meunier about breaking into the biz as a freelancer? If you

July 29, 2013 Features, Gaming, News
original 2

Five Reasons Why the 3DS Is My Favorite System

The 3DS is my favorite system now. It’s my favorite “next-gen” console, too. With 2013 poised to be the handheld’s breakout year, it is making

July 18, 2013 3DS, Gaming, Opinion
Rogue-Legacy 0 Rogue Legacy Review Overall Score

Rogue Legacy Review

I’ve now died 119 times over the course of 15 hours. That’s eight deaths an hour; a death every seven and a half minutes. It’s

July 12, 2013 Gaming, PC, Reviews
241600_screenshots_2013-07-08_00001 1

Initial Impression: Rogue Legacy is a Killer

I’ve been playing Cellar Door’s Rogue Legacy lately (review coming, calm down). It’s quite the dashing indie rogue-like who’s kinda like if The Binding of Isaac

July 09, 2013 Features, Gaming, PC, Previews
2459361-9878604255-keyar 2

The Double Fine Kickstarter Fiasco is Not a Big Deal

I get heated. I sometimes take to this babe-like site howling full of hell, blood and thunder. I’m okay with that, showing you all my

July 05, 2013 Features, Gaming, News, Opinion
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