AiRace Speed Review

AiRace Speed is a tiny, downloadable 3DS racer that came out a few days ago. While it certainly melts faces with its speed, it’s far from perfect – a tiny price for an appropriately-sized game. You guide your mega, super laser jet vehicle through the various courses in a time

Review Rundown: What is Gameplay?

Reviews! They’re a big deal on the Internet. We love to slap numbers on stuff and dissect games into tidy little compartments – placing a chunk of Gameplay here, a morsel of Audio there – before we give it a Final Review Score For Metacritic. What does it all mean? The

Electronic Super Joy Review

Electronic Super Joy is self-described as “The unholy merging of Super Meat Boy & Super Hexagon” on its Steam page. Hmph. High praise considering those are two of my very, very favorite indies. Still, even though the game is released yet still reads “Beta Version,” it treads close to the

TESO Subscriptions, Conspiracy Theories and Butter

A while back I shelved an overtly-trolling, conspiracy article titled “Nothing New Ever Again.” I tossed it because conspiracies aren’t my bag. If I am nothing, I am a hard-hitting, beat-reporting journalist who takes himself incredibly seriously and talks about incredibly serious things in an incredibly serious tone with non-regional

Space Hulk Review

Space Hulk is in a bit of an odd place. It’s a very literal, very true-to-form board game adaptation from Full Control pitting a squad of Space Marines against a derelict ship full of Genestealers. The closest analogue the gameplay has is the Final Fantasy Tactics series or, less famous,


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