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Goodbye 3

My Goodbye To Gamers Association

I can’t tell you I didn’t anticipate writing this post for some time now, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Gamers Association gave me

September 26, 2013 Features, Gaming
Podcast 1

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 28 – Janky Knees & Skeletal Hips

Three stodgy old men come together once again in back-to-back weeks of Gamers Association’s podcast to complain about privileged youths who know nothing of a

September 24, 2013 Gaming, The Game Plan
Brothers Logo 1 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review Overall Score

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review

Your mother has passed, your father is dying, and only a distant elixir of life may cure his ailments. With only this knowledge in tow,

September 19, 2013 Gaming, PC, PlayStation 3, Reviews, Xbox 360
Podcast 0

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 27 – Wrangle In Some Nerdy Teens

The Game Plan Podcast breaks its hiatus in celebration of Grand Theft Auto V, but despite Luke’s best efforts to stay on topic, the conversations

September 18, 2013 Gaming, The Game Plan
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix 1

The Unanswered Questions of Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix was released earlier this week and, if you couldn’t tell from my reaction in the video below, I kinda like

September 12, 2013 Features, Gaming, PlayStation 3
PAX Prime Show Floor 3

Previews Are Pretty Dumb

After a full week in Seattle, encapsulated in PAX Prime madness and playing more games than my human mind can comprehend, the logical next move

September 06, 2013 Events, Gaming, Opinion
Podcast PAX 1

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 2X – PAX Prime 2013 Recap

Still exhausted. Quite sickly. Potentially delirious. All excellent descriptions of Luke Frazier, Gamers Association’s resident PAX Prime 2013 attendee here to summarize his time at

September 04, 2013 Events, Previews, The Game Plan
Divekick 0

Let’s Divekick!

You’ve read the review, now experience the mayhem that is Divekick. This oh-so-special stupid idea that somehow became a full game suddenly makes the fighting

August 27, 2013 Features, Gaming, Media, PC, PlayStation 3, Videos, Vita
Podcast 0

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 26 – The Porcupine-Bunny Love Triangle

This episode of The Game Plan podcast is everything you could ask for. New games? Got ‘em, with talk of Saints Row IV, Divekick, and

August 26, 2013 Gaming, The Game Plan
Gone Home 5

Hurt by Hype: A Gone Home Reflection

In no more than a day, Gone Home went from being a game I couldn’t claim I cared about, to my indie darling of 2013.

August 20, 2013 Gaming, Opinion, PC
Grand Theft Auto Online 2

Five Potential Reasons Why People Are Excited for Grand Theft Auto V Online

Grand Theft Auto just doesn’t do it for me. It’s nothing personal, Rockstar, not by a long shot. I respect what you do for gaming

August 15, 2013 Gaming, Opinion, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Xbox One Unboxing 1

The Xbox One Feels Like an Expensive PlayStation 4

Did you notice, Internet Faithful? Did you see what Microsoft has done to its next-generation gaming conso- … er, “entertainment system?” How the company incrementally

August 09, 2013 Gaming, Opinion, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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