Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

After playing several hours of Shadow of Mordor, I realized that I knew virtually nothing about the story, because I had failed to complete hardly any story missions at all. I had been so distracted by the game’s excellent Arkham-inspired combat and the innovative nemesis system that I spent the

Super Mario RPG Retrospective

I know, okay? Everyone has talked about this game to death, but that is a good thing. Not death, but the whole ‘talking’ thing. It lets us bring older games back into the light, and lets us inform the newer generation of what games helped build the foundation for what

Bundlestar’s Immortal Bundle Launched Today

Starting today, Gamers can look forward to 10 games filled with magic, mystery and mayhem in the new Immortal Bundle, launched today! The Immortal Bundle provides gamers with endless hours of fun. For a limited time, gamers can grab 10 awesome Steam games worth over $100, for just $3.99. Below


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