Abyss Odyssey Review

Abyss Odyssey combines elements of fighting games and 2D platforming to create one of the most unique games I’ve played all year. Abyss Odyssey aims to pave its own path with its procedurally-generated levels. No level will be the same for each player. This ambitious goal is at the center of

Fearless Fantasy Review

There are a lot of turn based role playing games out there. If a new RPG comes out and doesn’t do something to separate itself from the pack it will be lost in an endless sea of RPGs. Enter Skies’ first commercial release Fearless Fantasy does a great job of

SWTOR Player Housing Announced

Player housing is coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic.  No release date has been set. It will definitely be interesting to see how it is implemented.  We will preview the features when it is released on the PTS. You can view the trailer here (Courtesty dulfy.net).  

Insurgency Review

The other day, the boss asked who wanted to review a PC game called Insurgency. “Oh, that might be interesting, looks fun.”  I volunteered. Terrible decision. You see, I am bad at shooters.  Not just slightly bad, not just worse than average.  If I shot in real life like I


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