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E3: Eagerness, Excitement, Embarrassment (2014 Redux)

E3 is just around the corner again, so Curtis looks over the years of the convention, including 2013's gigantic extravaganza!

May 31, 2014 Events, Featured, Gaming, Opinion
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PAX South in San Antonio announced for January 23-25

For all of you who have known about PAX Prime (West), PAX East, and PAX Australia. Penny Arcade just announced at PAX East by PAX

April 12, 2014 Events, News
PAX Prime Show Floor 3

Previews Are Pretty Dumb

After a full week in Seattle, encapsulated in PAX Prime madness and playing more games than my human mind can comprehend, the logical next move

September 06, 2013 Events, Gaming, Opinion
Podcast PAX 1

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 2X – PAX Prime 2013 Recap

Still exhausted. Quite sickly. Potentially delirious. All excellent descriptions of Luke Frazier, Gamers Association’s resident PAX Prime 2013 attendee here to summarize his time at

September 04, 2013 Events, Previews, The Game Plan
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Stuttering Craig SGC 2013 Interview

Along with chatting to Cassie Chui about her indie game, I got to interview Stuttering Craig about the upcoming Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. He

June 27, 2013 Events, Features, Gaming, Interview, PC, Previews
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Cassie Chui SGC 2013 Interview

This past weekend, I had the great honor of attending ScrewAttack’s own gaming convention. Dubbed SGC for short, the convention was launched as an elaborate

June 26, 2013 Events, Features, Gaming, Interview, PC, Previews
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The Necessary Evil

Creative geniuses won’t strike gold each time. When you’re at the top of your game, you sometimes just mess up. Even Miyamoto recently admitted that,

Podcast 0

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 21 – Fiddlin’ Around with the In-Laws

Now that we’ve reached the legal drinking age, it’s only fitting for The Game Plan to get real smooth with an E3 recap wrap-up. Microsoft,

June 18, 2013 Events, Gaming, The Game Plan
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E3: I Was Not Impressed

With every new generation, there’s hope for something newer and grander. It’s what makes events such as E3 so exciting, often offering a glimpse into

E3 2013 Logo 4

What Was Missing at E3 2013

Throughout this E3 week, headlines hit us fast. Announcements, previews, and interviews flooded our RSS feeds and Twitter streams, leaving little time to read draw-own

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Nintendo Preview: E3 Comes Home

E3 has increasingly become less relevant to the common gamer. The show was fantastic when the general public was allowed to attend, but now times

First_look_at_the_new_PlayStation_4_and_Xbox_One_games_consoles 39

Sony’s Conference Might Have Been Better For Consumers, But Microsoft’s Was Better For Gamers

Let me start by saying that if I have to pick a side for the next-gen “console war”, my feet are placed firmly on Sony’s

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