Previews Are Pretty Dumb

After a full week in Seattle, encapsulated in PAX Prime madness and playing more games than my human mind can comprehend, the logical next move would be to relieve myself of this sensory build-up by writing multiple previews detailing my impressions of every demo I got my hands on. I

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 2X – PAX Prime 2013 Recap

Still exhausted. Quite sickly. Potentially delirious. All excellent descriptions of Luke Frazier, Gamers Association’s resident PAX Prime 2013 attendee here to summarize his time at the show for those who like the podcast or dislike reading. From long-standing triple-A franchises to indies you’ve never heard of, this special episode of

Stuttering Craig SGC 2013 Interview

Along with chatting to Cassie Chui about her indie game, I got to interview Stuttering Craig about the upcoming Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures. He gives me the low down on their inspiration, potential platforms for release, the Nerd fanbase and even some future plans for ScrewAttack Games. I’ve met


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Velocity 2x is one of Jay's top 5 games of the year. Congrats @FuturLab!