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Preserving Gaming’s Unique Greatness

Within the gaming culture, journalists (including me) have an awful habit of comparing gaming to cinema. While gaming has skyrocketed in popularity and social acceptance

April 22, 2014 Features, Gaming, Opinion
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Playing Through The Backlog – DMC: Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry is one of those franchises that I never got into. Back in 2001 when the first game came out I was still

April 08, 2014 Gaming, Opinion, PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox One
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Uncharted 4 Wishlist

Few details have surfaced about Naughty Dog’s return to Uncharted. With the recent departure of series-runner Amy Hennig, the fate of the critically acclaimed series

March 24, 2014 Features, Gaming, Opinion
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Some of the Best Video Game Reboots Of The Last Generations.

In the million-dollar video game industry, success is always the focus. That’s why game studios will often reboot popular titles and franchises, bringing them back

March 19, 2014 Opinion
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Shame on Konami

After much confusion, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros has been released. While the release of a long-awaited game usually brings fanfare, the opposite has

March 18, 2014 Opinion
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Too Many People Are Mad Over The Canadian PlayStation 4 Price Jump

Last Friday it was announced that the price of the PlayStation 4 would be going up in Canada. That’s right, if you’re in Canada and

March 17, 2014 Gaming, Opinion, PlayStation 4
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Building Better Business: Eliminating Unnecessary Game Modes

“Building Better Business” takes a closer look at the connection between business and gaming. Video games are created for the sake of making money. This

March 13, 2014 Features, Gaming, Opinion
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Nintendo Needs Its Own “Disney Renaissance”

Nintendo has been having a bit of a difficult time lately. Most people who aren’t Nintendo fans are either confused by the Wii U or just

March 12, 2014 3DS, Opinion, Wii, Wii U
Assassin's Creed IV Whale 2

Letting Go of the Past

While sailing through the Caribbean as Edward Kenway, I constantly found myself marveling at the technical power of the Playstation 4. From gorgeous sunsets to

March 11, 2014 Opinion
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Scott Pilgrim vs My Second Opinion

Scott Pilgrim finally got a second viewing from Curtis, and he's learned that there's more to the film than pandering nonsense. It truly has a

March 09, 2014 Opinion
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A Letter to Neil Druckmann

Dear Mr. Druckmann, The Last of Us is an absolute masterpiece. It stands not only as the best game of 2014, but the best game

Resident Evil 6 Leon 3

The Complications of Survival Horror

Any studio that develops a video game faces several impeding challenges. First of all, the gameplay has to be enjoyable. If the game provides minimal

February 17, 2014 Gaming, Opinion, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
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