Over the last year, I have seen multiple big games be released which have been a great experience for me and for almost every gamer out there this year. From small indie developed to big league developers. This article isn’t representing the entire Gamers Association team opinion but my own personal opinion towards what I believe the Top games of 2013 were. With the new generation of consoles and games are coming out in 2014, I see a lot of potential great games! So to wrap it up here the year, here it goes.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5)


Grand Theft Auto V was one of the biggest releases for the year of 2013. It sold over $800 million in retail sales on its first day. Already proves that it was a much-anticipated game from almost every fan of the series. It essentially shut down almost every other release this year. Free roaming in Los Santos and its other rural surroundings have been what heck of an experience. From the luxury in modern-day life to complete and utterly wrong doings in this world. With the main story based around the experience of the three characters Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Each and every one of them with their own ideals and motives. It was the little things and the big things that GTA V brought us that made the difference, from hilarious voice acting, to being chased down by the LSPD for drinking and driving. Just proves that Rockstar can still go a long way before ever seeing the GTA series dwindle. I got the opportunity to play this on the Xbox 360, not the Playstation 3. You can check out my review on Grand Theft Auto V.  It has an online mode as well where you can play with up to 16 players. It had its hiccups at first but now it should running smooth for any of you wanting to try it out.

Battlefield 4


Absolutely love playing Battlefield 4, not only did it improve single player wise, but added a lot more improvements in the multiplayer as well. Improved game mechanics and sweet online multiplayer maps with cool effects such as buildings collapsing or a train falling off the tracks. This is a game I can play all year round any never get bored. Play and compete in squads. I would say my favorite game mode is Conquest. I love the ability to play a a foot soldier, in a tank, helicopter, anti-air, etc. Just overall offers much more than most games I have played this year. From the first beta impression to the final game.

Metro: Last Light


This was the first time I have ever played Metro: Last Light. I had a really good playable experience with the game. It was a post apocalyptic era in the area of Moscow. After the great nuclear war to rid Moscow of the supposedly dark ones. The aftermath leaving Moscow in a radiated and contaminated area. Where the survivors all live underground. Mainly three factions to live at. Would recommend the game to anyone looking for a bit of a scare and intriguing storyline.

I am sure I could go on a make a list of other great games, but these three games stick out to me as the top games I’ve played in 2013. Feel free to comment on what you think about the games and your experience. Also make sure to check out our other writers top games of 2013 to get a feel for what games they loved.