It’s pretty well known that the PlayStation Vita isn’t doing too hot. As an owner, it’s fairly disappointing to see it flounder. However, all hope is not lost. While most people have already mentioned the big points that can boost sales, such as price cuts and more games, here are five little things that can incentivize people to give the portable powerhouse a look.

5.) Include a darn memory card!

Is it that hard? I get it, the system is already a fantastic deal, but $300 is not exactly an impulse buy for many. The last thing you want to do after dropping three Benjamins is to find out that you can’t play the system unless you drop more money on expensive proprietary memory. Sony loves their proprietary technology, and that’s totally fine if they would just include memory with the hardware.

4.) Incentivize 3rd parties to offer cross-buy

Cross-buy is probably Sony’s most amazing deal in years: buy a PS3 version and get the Vita version free. Unfortunately, it’s limited to Sony products for the time being. It would be fantastic for the love to spread to 3rd parties. After all, I’d be hard-pressed to find many people willing to pick up both a Vita and console version at the same time. On the other hand, I can see cross-buy as a huge incentive for a customer to pick up a game, merely due to the fact that it’s a stellar deal.

3.) Market the Vita properly

Sony’s marketing team has always been all over the place. Its Kevin Butler campaign was very successful, but the team has always struggled to show the strength of Sony’s systems. Instead of constantly comparing the Vita to the PS3, it’s time to show that the Vita can stand on its own two legs. Take a look at the 3DS: it’s marketed as a completely different experience from the Wii and that can really change consumer perception. By comparing the Vita to the PS3, consumers will only be dismayed by the Vita’s shortcomings. Thus, they may not be compelled to purchase the handheld if they already own a PS3.

2.) Go all-out multimedia

Sony has to decide if it wants the Vita to be your media device or whether it’s content with it as a gaming device. With its bubble system UI and some available apps, Sony should just go ahead and get more apps on the Vita. As the Galaxy Note and other big smartphones show, people are willing to carry big displays if there are reasons to.

1.) Give me some bite-sized games

The Vita may have the power to create console-like experiences, but that doesn’t mean it can’t support 99-cent distractions. It’d be nice to have some small games to play in short bursts. The Vita has PlayStation Mobile, but also a separate Minis section. It’s confusing and lacking support. Throw in some trophy support, and you’ll have a much more robust and organized list of games.