The Walking Dead Spoilercast: Episode Three

Episode Three is here, and for everyone excited to hear these Gamers Association guys praise all aspects of The Walking Dead to high Heaven… Well, you might want to take your business elsewhere. Find out why inside the Spoilercast! As always, we’ve got the multiple audio formats you desire to

What You Cared About In 2012: Gamers Association Edition

Congratulations! You successfully survived the first week of 2013! Written any obsolete checks yet? Sustained any cringe-worthy jokes stating that Subject A hasn’t Verb B’d since last year? Undoubtedly so, but before we continue to traipse further into the New Year, I’d like to tiptoe back through 2012 for a moment.

Should Raw Emotions Rule Game of the Year Awards?

Last year came and went without that high-profile, go-to, automatic, everybody-agrees Game of the Year, yet two particular titles continued to buck traditional triple-A trends, topping more than a few high-profile “Best of 2012″ lists. Both downloadable and created by relatively tiny teams, Journey and The Walking Dead beat out

Gaming’s Greatest Moments of 2012

Every year, there are certain moments in gaming that stand out. Whether it’s something that happens in a game such as Andrew Ryan’s revelation in BioShock, or something that happens outside of a game such as the release of a new console, there are certain moments that define what gaming

Nick’s GOTY List and Honorable Mentions

It’s been a wonderful year. Really. It’s been riddled with amazing games that have broken my bank several times over. So, why not cast all genres, ratings, Metacritics and review scores aside? Why not just take an unfaltering look right in the eye of 2012 and say these are my


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