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Spoilercast Episode Three 0

The Walking Dead Spoilercast: Episode Three

Episode Three is here, and for everyone excited to hear these Gamers Association guys praise all aspects of The Walking Dead to high Heaven… Well,

January 10, 2013 Features, Gaming, The Game Plan
First Day On Internet 1

What You Cared About In 2012: Gamers Association Edition

Congratulations! You successfully survived the first week of 2013! Written any obsolete checks yet? Sustained any cringe-worthy jokes stating that Subject A hasn’t Verb B’d since

January 07, 2013 Features, Gaming
Journey/The Walking Dead 3

Should Raw Emotions Rule Game of the Year Awards?

Last year came and went without that high-profile, go-to, automatic, everybody-agrees Game of the Year, yet two particular titles continued to buck traditional triple-A trends,

January 03, 2013 Features, Gaming
2012fireworks 2

Gaming’s Greatest Moments of 2012

Every year, there are certain moments in gaming that stand out. Whether it’s something that happens in a game such as Andrew Ryan’s revelation in

December 10, 2012 Features, Gaming
smnc_4_1334965392-600x300 3

Nick’s GOTY List and Honorable Mentions

It’s been a wonderful year. Really. It’s been riddled with amazing games that have broken my bank several times over. So, why not cast all

December 10, 2012 Features, Gaming
Black Ops 2 4 Call of Duty: Black Ops II Review Overall Score

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops II is the latest game in the juggernaut that is the Call of Duty franchise. A franchise that has seen little

November 29, 2012 PC, PlayStation 3, Reviews, Xbox 360
Metacritic Logo 2

Metacritic 2012: iOS Dominates Highest-Rated Games & Other Observations

A man that murdered your mother would attract less vocalized hatred from the online video game community than Metacritic. Therefore, why don’t we use its

November 19, 2012 Features, Gaming
Rayman Legends 0

PAX Prime Preview: Rayman Legends May Be The Perfect Platformer

I never stopped smiling the entire time I played Rayman Legends, and the cute Ubisoft co-op partner by my side had nothing to do with

September 15, 2012 Gaming, Previews, Wii U
PAX Prime Logo 22

PAX Prime Swag Giveaway!

Delayed as it was, our PAX Prime coverage has begun in earnest. From written previews and our Great Big Impressions Video to the entire Metal

September 08, 2012 Contest, Gaming
PAX Logo 2

The Great Big PAX Prime Previews & Impressions Video

Lying dormant for the past week while a return to college decided to steal so much of my precious time, this PAX Prime 2012 show

September 07, 2012 Features, Gaming, Previews, Videos
Xbox 720 Specs 1

Xbox 720 Info Leaked Through Strategy Document

Rumors of the next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony were all the rage earlier this year. And yet, E3 has come and gone

June 16, 2012 Gaming, News, Xbox 360
Playstation Plus 6

Will PlayStation Plus Change Everything?

After Sony announced the plethora of games that were going to be free with PlayStation Plus at E3 earlier this month, I went ahead and

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