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Through the Backlog Steamworld Dig

Image & Form's Steamworld Dig was dug out of Curtis' backlog, and he was pleasantly thrilled with what he uncovered!

April 05, 2014 3DS, Gaming, PC, PlayStation 4, Vita
1344522057_inazuma_eleven_wallpaper 1 Inazuma Eleven Review Overall Score

Inazuma Eleven Review

One thing we can always count on from Level-5 games is a unique experience. The newly released Inazuma Eleven is no exception to this rule.

February 22, 2014 3DS, Reviews
Chrono Trigger, Nintendo, Wii U, 3DS, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Square-Enix, 2

Games I Want on Virtual Console: Chrono Trigger

Welcome, once again, to Gamers Association’s weekly segment entitled ‘Games I Want on [Insert Digital Platform]’ wherein I will tell you about a game I

December 27, 2013 3DS, Features, Opinion, Wii U
3ds 1

What Nintendo Can Learn From the 3DS

With the conclusion of the month of October and the release of the NDP data report, the Nintendo 3DS recently reached a milestone. A NeoGAF

November 18, 2013 Gaming, Opinion
large 0 AiRace Speed Review Overall Score

AiRace Speed Review

AiRace Speed is a tiny, downloadable 3DS racer that came out a few days ago. While it certainly melts faces with its speed, it’s far

September 26, 2013 3DS, Gaming, Reviews
dsfamily 3

I’ll Buy My Daughter a 3DS Before a 2DS

Nintendo has made some interesting decisions as of late. The Wii was a ridiculous success. Everybody had one. Most of us barely played with our

September 02, 2013 3DS, Gaming, Opinion
2DS Confusion 0

The 2DS is a Step in the Right Direction

Nintendo has made many questionable decisions in recent memory to say the least, seeming to be far behind the times in recent years. Strangely enough,

August 28, 2013 3DS, DS, Features, Gaming, Opinion
original 2

Five Reasons Why the 3DS Is My Favorite System

The 3DS is my favorite system now. It’s my favorite “next-gen” console, too. With 2013 poised to be the handheld’s breakout year, it is making

July 18, 2013 3DS, Gaming, Opinion
Project X Zone, Sega, Capcom, Bandai-Namco, TRPGs, Tactical RPGS, 3DS, Nintendo 3DS, Review, 1 Project X Zone Review Overall Score

Project X Zone Review

Nearly 60 hours later and thousands of cross attacks, assists, and references are instilled in my mind in one of the most nonsensical but nostalgic-derived

July 15, 2013 3DS, Gaming, Reviews
acnl_1 3 Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review Overall Score

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review

What happens when you mix The Sims with a little bit of Harvest Moon? You would get close to the idea of Animal Crossing. New

June 17, 2013 3DS, Gaming, Reviews
animal_crossing_new_leaf1 5

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Cares About You, Man

I don’t wanna talk about E3. After watching some of the pressers, I want to get back to a special little place called Parallax, Animal Crossing.

June 11, 2013 3DS, Gaming, Previews, Reviews
AC_1 1

I Love Nintendo!

I am a cold, angry, cynical man. Gaming has felt my wrath. I have outright refused to buy sequels due to a company’s anti-consumer ways

June 10, 2013 3DS, Events, Features, Gaming, Opinion
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