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The Cave Review

The Cave is the latest from Double Fine, a puzzling adventure game that is part homage and part evolution. Walking this line perfectly, I was smitten in my preview. At it’s core it is an excellent game in all the ways you’d expect: witty, well-designed, charming and funny. However, it is far

Dropping Down Into The Cave

How do you write a preview (oh man, or a review) of an adventure game that features seven different characters traversing a sentient cave riddled with puzzles and traps without giving spoilers away? I really don’t know. Thus, I aim to tackle Ron Gilbert’s newest Double Fine joint, The Cave. Everyone’s experience

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Review

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is an interesting game. There were more than a couple of puzzles that made me scratch my head, and actually think. I really enjoyed how the game has enough balance between gameplay and intelligence to make players feel like they are solving puzzles themselves. And in