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Rack n’ Ruin Preview

It seems like I hear of games made by former Blizzard employees more and more these days, and I certainly welcome that trend to keep

July 14, 2013 Gaming, PC, Previews
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How Far is Too Far?

Are gamers holding hardware and software developers to a high enough standard? As midnight approached Monday night, many gamers waited in anticipation for the release

March 08, 2013 Features, Gaming
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Gamers’ Arguments: Gameplay First?

Gamers’ Arguments. Everyone’s got ‘em and everyone’s got opinions on ‘em. So why don’t we air out these deeply-held thoughts? Why don’t we get a

January 28, 2013 Features, Gaming
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The Issue: Blizzard Forgot to Care

The Issue is where I get to lay it all out. A place where I can speak honestly, all opinions. I’ll take some recent news and

December 31, 2012 Features, Gaming, News, PC
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The Keys To World of Warcraft’s Success

In a little under two weeks, the fourth World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria, will be released. While this expansion certainly looks like it’s

September 11, 2012 Features, Gaming, Online Games, PC
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Play Diablo III On Your iPad!

Before you get all hot and bothered, no, Blizzard has not released Diablo III within the App Store. Still, that doesn’t stop you from enjoying

May 18, 2012 Gaming, News, PC
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Diablo III’s Whimsyshire is full of unicorns and rainbows

Yes, you read that title correctly. As a tribute to The Secret Cow Level in Diablo II (click away for that video), Diablo III has

May 17, 2012 Gaming, Media, News, PC, Videos
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EA is out of legal battle with Activision

Yesterday we reported that Activision paid Infinity Ward Employee Group a sum of $42 million as part of the ongoing legal dispute with the creators

May 16, 2012 Gaming, News
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GAME Australia Cancels Diablo III Pre-orders, Blizzard Saves The Day

In an event that nearly brought about the apocalypse, the Australian branch of the GAME retail chain went into administration last weekend (that’s business language

May 14, 2012 Gaming, News, PC
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Diablo 3 Cartoon Fleshes Out Story No One Cares About

All you Diabloheads can watch the new video, produced by Blizzard and animation studio Titmouse to hold you over until Tuesday.  It’s a lot of

May 09, 2012 Gaming, News, PC
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A Butcher’s Dozen: Diablo 3′s Expectations

Let’s talk a bit about Diablo 3, shall we.  Coming a full 12 years after D2, it’s set to be a massive success commercially and

May 01, 2012 Gaming, PC
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