Guild Wars 2: Speaking Points

People love lists! They’re simple and clean and concise. People love Guild Wars 2! It’s complex and cluttered and free-form. Let’s make a Guild Wars 2 list. What could go wrong? Now, GW2 is awesome. Plain and simple. While reviewing it totally would be a silly, stupid thing for anyone

Dragon’s Dogma Launch Trailer

So Dragon’s Dogma is coming out next week. Dragon’s what-ma? Fus roh dah? Huh? Seriously though, with all of the Diablo III hype and Elder Scrolls Online news, Capcom’s upcoming fantasy action-RPG seems to have fallen off the radar for many a role-playing fan. To fight the apathy, we have a


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Uncharted Apocalypse Trailer
Velocity 2x is one of Jay's top 5 games of the year. Congrats @FuturLab!