The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 6

Ugh, can you hear that? That obnoxious popping? The random drops in sound level? Yeah, we had a few audio issues coming out of this one. I’m so very sorry. Imagine me making it rain the physical embodiment of apologies right now to console you. Next week we’ll be back

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 5

Taking on hot topics as tired as Dead Island’s bloody boob torso to the entirely riveting Vita WakeUp Club app, The Game Plan is back with a bang for its first-ever week-apart entry. We touch on Half-Life 3, the age-old games as art debate, and Mass Effect complaints…Yep, must be

The Walking Dead Spoilercast: Episode Five

After hours of strenuous survival, of difficult decisions and dark deaths, our Walking Dead Spoilercast series comes to its inevitable end. Listen in as Alex & Luke analyze this episode, their overall experiences with the season, and the emotional impacts of these landmark moments sure to be remembered for years


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