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Creat Studios 15

Merry Creatmas PlayStation Network Games Giveaway [CLOSED]

Christmas is coming to a close here in the States, but our first ever Creatmas is just getting started! Creat Studios is currently having a

December 25, 2012 Contest, Gaming, PlayStation 3
gocandy 2 Go! Candy The Magic Dinosaur (iOS) Review Overall Score

Go! Candy The Magic Dinosaur (iOS) Review

The iOS platform recently received Go! Candy the Magic Dinosaur, a game created and designed by A Sitting Duck. It is a fast-paced game, with

December 08, 2012 iOS, Reviews
City of Steam - Bullet of Slaying 20

City of Steam Beta Key Giveaway [CLOSED]

UPDATE: We are currently ALL OUT of beta keys, I’m afraid…Appreciate the interest, and if you got one, go get your awesome on! ——– So

November 15, 2012 Contest, Gaming, Online Games, PC
frog20fractions_r1_c1 1

Frog Fractions: Game of the Year Material?

While the title is half-joking, the other half is not. Frog Fractions is, in my most un-humble of opinions, Game of the Year material. But,

October 30, 2012 Gaming, News, Online Games, PC, Previews
Origin Logo 28

Free Game From EA’s Origin!

UPDATE: Multiple users have informed us that this code has been invalidated. With the finicky nature of this entire promotion, give it a go anyway

October 13, 2012 Features, Gaming
PlayStation Plus 10

Why I’ll Never Subscribe to PlayStation Plus

I had Netflix for ages. Or at least for what my over-embellishing Internet generation considers ages. My subscription lasted for a few consistent years, yet

August 29, 2012 Features, Gaming, PlayStation 3, Vita
Borderlands 5

Why The Release of Borderlands On PlayStation Plus Could Be A Game Changer

A few months ago, I posted an editorial discussing the potential of PlayStation Plus. In the editorial, I said that the original Borderlands (among other

August 27, 2012 Features, Gaming, News, PlayStation 3
POP Methodology Experiment One 0

Four Games for the Price of Free

In spite of the wicked restructuring, layoffs, and all-out confusion that hit OnLive this week (or, even better, in response to said controversies), the online

August 24, 2012 News, PC
EA Origin Logo 3

EA’s Origin Giving Away Free Games for One-Year Anniversary

What? Something nice from the same EA that was voted as the worst company in America via the Consumerist? Something special from the same EA

June 20, 2012 Gaming, News, Online Games, PC
Worlds of Ultima 2: Martian Dreams 0

GA Free Play: Worlds of Ultima 1 & 2

Sad but true: We have officially entered the summer slump zone. While I’ve outlined six titles to take you through this barren annual affair, that

June 18, 2012 Gaming, News, PC
Playstation Plus 6

Will PlayStation Plus Change Everything?

After Sony announced the plethora of games that were going to be free with PlayStation Plus at E3 earlier this month, I went ahead and

Secret World Beta 0

GA Free Play: The Secret World Beta Weekend

If you know me at all, it’s no secret that I have a soft spot for beta weekends. Now, like Diablo III and Torchlight II

June 12, 2012 Gaming, Media, PC, Videos
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