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Spartacus Legends Review

It’s one of those novelty games that is released alongside its film/TV series for the promotion. And like the TV series, Spartacus Legends gives fans what they want: brutal fights, gladiatorial scenery and excessive profanities. Equip your fighter with a few shreds of leather and metal and work your way

Tekken Revolution Review

Tekken Revolution is the new free-to-play version of Tekken launched at the start of E3 2013. The game is exactly as that description says: Tekken Free-to-Play. Interestingly enough, though, the game isn’t a price gouger or really even that bad. Is it worth giving it a shot, though? Same Great

Beta Impressions: An Idiot’s Hour Inside Dust 514

I don’t like shooters, usually. I’m never good at them, so I don’t play them. I don’t like competitive multiplayer, usually. I’m never good enough, so I don’t play it. However, some spiritual force suddenly took control of my mind. Unexpectedly compelled, I piled onto the shuttle destined for the

The 5-Step Guide to Gaming on a Budget

Paying real money for better guns in Dead Space 3? Buried under mountains of high-priced DLC? And all these new systems around the corner tempting us to go weeks without groceries? No thanks, I have better plans. When the almighty dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to, it’s

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 3

Looking for scripted, regular, and reliable audio coverage of every major development within the video game industry in recent history? Well toodle-oo to you, mi amigo, because the Game Plan podcast is all about none of that. After over a month of silence, our boys are back to infiltrate your


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