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The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 24 – We Want To Yell About Phil Fish

After our spectacle of pure professionalism last week when we spoke with freelancing superhuman Nathan Meunier, the Gamers Assocition crew returned down to Casual Town

August 01, 2013 Gaming, The Game Plan
Podcast 2

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 18 – Mavis Beacon is a Babe

After another week-long delay, The Game Plan returns to find Nick dying a slow death at the hands of Dota 2 while mods are simultaneously

May 11, 2013 Gaming, The Game Plan
Podcast 1

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 17 – This is a Dog’s Breakfast

Back in full three-man force, The Game Plan returns to find that Nick has fallen deep within the MOBA hole. Meanwhile, Logan surprises no one

May 01, 2013 Gaming, Opinion, The Game Plan
Podcast 0

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 16 – Make It So, Number One

What makes a sequel a sequel? Why does Psychonauts hold up while Daggerfall doesn’t? Should The Walking Dead even be considered a video game? Today,

April 23, 2013 Gaming
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Free Xbox LIVE Gold Weekend 4/19-4/22

Recently tweeted and published via Major Nelson’s blog, starting today, Xbox LIVE Gold will be unlocked in the US, Latin America, Japan, and Canada. All

April 19, 2013 Gaming, News, Xbox 360
Scrooge McDuck 0

The 5-Step Guide to Gaming on a Budget

Paying real money for better guns in Dead Space 3? Buried under mountains of high-priced DLC? And all these new systems around the corner tempting

January 28, 2013 Features, Gaming
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Painkiller: Hell & Damnation’s New “Anti-Christmas” DLC is Totally Down with Satan

Satan Claus is coming to town, and he’s either 22 days late or 339 days early. The holidays have come and gone, but the folks behind Painkiller:

January 19, 2013 Gaming, News, PC
The Old Republic 4

SWTOR Free-To-Play Impressions: Five Hours with The Old Republic

And so it was, ladies and gentlemen, that what just might be the most expensive video game ever developed officially went free-to-play for all of

November 17, 2012 Gaming, Online Games, PC, Previews
Crysis 3 0

Sign Up For Crysis 3 Multiplayer Alpha Testings

Are you a fan of Crysis series? Well ladies and gents, you can sign up to participate in the Crysis 3 Multiplayer Alpha testing via

November 02, 2012 Gaming, News
halo4pizzahut 3

Free Halo Warrior Armor Red for XBox Live Avatar

For all you Halo fans out there, Pizza Hut UK is having a Halo 4 competition to win several goodies, such as a free Halo Warrior

October 31, 2012 Gaming, News
PAX Prime Logo 22

PAX Prime Swag Giveaway!

Delayed as it was, our PAX Prime coverage has begun in earnest. From written previews and our Great Big Impressions Video to the entire Metal

September 08, 2012 Contest, Gaming
DualShock 3 5

How To Use a PlayStation 3 Controller as a PC Gamepad

With the Steam Summer Sale sneaking up on us like silent lightning, I’m frantically flying through my bursting backlog of games I haven’t touched from

June 20, 2012 Gaming, PC, PlayStation 3
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