Game of the Year

Ridge’s Handheld Games Of The Year

Looking back at 2013, it was a pretty good year for gaming. If we all could just ignore all the negative news articles about things like DRM and ignore all the fanboy arguments a new generation brings and just play games we’d see there was a lot of good stuff

Andrew’s Top Games I’ve Played All Year

Over the last year, I have seen multiple big games be released which have been a great experience for me and for almost every gamer out there this year. From small indie developed to big league developers. This article isn’t representing the entire Gamers Association team opinion but my own

Game of the Moment?

Looking over the landscape of the video game industry, there are always certain games that will standout upon their release. Every year you can pinpoint certain “game of the year contenders” right from their launch. This year we’ve had BioShock Infinite and most recently The Last of Us. Both are stellar

A Young Girl’s Perspective of The Last of Us

The Last of Us has taken the gaming world by storm. Critics have absolutely adored this masterpiece. Fans cannot get enough of it. All types of gamers have given their opinions on it. All, that is, except one. Even though the game focuses heavily on a fourteen-year-old girl, no actual


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Uncharted Apocalypse Trailer
Velocity 2x is one of Jay's top 5 games of the year. Congrats @FuturLab!