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My Love-Hate Relationship With Shadow of the Colossus

[Note, the opinions in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Gamers Association as a whole.] Shadow of the Colossus is widely considered

November 03, 2012 Features, Gaming, PlayStation 3
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What Google thinks of the Wii U

With the Wii U coming close to its release date, the opinions are decisively split. For gamers heavily invested in the industry, it might be

October 29, 2012 Features, Gaming, Wii U
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Is the Wii U a Next-Gen Console?

The Internet loves to label things it adores or dreads, and the Wii U is one of them. Releasing Stateside in under a month, Nintendo’s

October 27, 2012 Features, Gaming, Wii U
Jet-Set-Radio-jet-set-radio-future-23279882-1000-1049 3 Jet Set Radio HD (PS3) Review Overall Score

Jet Set Radio HD (PS3) Review

Mr. Winfried Cobblesnuff, game reviewer of distinction and higher-learning, finds himself nostalgically pleased with revisiting the days of the Dreamcast

September 18, 2012 Gaming, News, PlayStation 3
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Biographies V: Revenge of Queen Slug-For-A-Butt

Earthworm Jim has to be one of my favorite video game characters of all time. He’s hilarious, he looks badass, and he has a sidekick.

September 16, 2012 Features, Gaming
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HD Majora’s Mask?

The Internet is a wonderful place. Pablo Belmonte and Paco Martínez made a video detailing what The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask might look like in High-Definition. Here’s

June 10, 2012 Gaming, News
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New 007 Legends Trailer Reveals Moonraker Mission

The next installment in the James Bond video game franchise is titled 007 Legends for a reason. Releasing October 16th of this year, Legends will feature six

3rd Collosus 3 The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection (PS3) Review Overall Score

The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection (PS3) Review

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are both action-adventure games that are played in the third-person perspective. In Ico, you play as a young boy

May 16, 2012 Gaming, PlayStation 3, Reviews
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A Weekend With the Wii Part 1: Actually Having Fun

A Weekend with the Wii, Part 1. So, a while back, I used to have this friend.  Let’s call him, Mike.  He and I used

May 15, 2012 Gaming, News, Wii
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