What Google thinks of the Wii U

With the Wii U coming close to its release date, the opinions are decisively split. For gamers heavily invested in the industry, it might be tough to see what the general public is thinking. So we will turn to Google and Google Instant Results to see exactly what people are

Is the Wii U a Next-Gen Console?

The Internet loves to label things it adores or dreads, and the Wii U is one of them. Releasing Stateside in under a month, Nintendo’s next system still has forum crawlers kicking about arguments to declare whether the console deserves to be called next-gen or not. Because the creator of

HD Majora’s Mask?

The Internet is a wonderful place. Pablo Belmonte and Paco Martínez made a video detailing what The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask might look like in High-Definition. Here’s the video: What did you think? Does this make you want to see a Majora’s Mask remake even more?

New 007 Legends Trailer Reveals Moonraker Mission

The next installment in the James Bond video game franchise is titled 007 Legends for a reason. Releasing October 16th of this year, Legends will feature six missions based upon past movies before taking inspiration from the upcoming Skyfall film. Revealed in the trailer below, a Moonraker mission is now confirmed for


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