Then and Now: Gaming Evolution (Part 2)

Gaming is an evolving beast. The world keeps changing and so does gaming. Last time, I delved into how game saving, tutorials, and DLC have changed over time. This time around, we’ll look at the music, multiplayer, and escort missions in gaming. Music Then: Due to technical limitations, music in video

Review Rundown: What is Audio?

Reviews! They’re a big deal on the Internet. We love to slap numbers on stuff and dissect games into tidy little compartments – placing a chunk of Gameplay here, a morsel of Audio there – before we give it a Final Review Score For Metacritic. What does it all mean? The

The Best Game Nobody Played: Elite Beat Agents

Before Guitar Hero came along and revolutionized the music genre with plastic guitars and rock anthems, the music scene was a very Japanese-style niche market. There were the well-known DDRs and Beatmanias, and then there was Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, a rhythm DS game that had you play as a cheer squad