AiRace Speed Review

AiRace Speed is a tiny, downloadable 3DS racer that came out a few days ago. While it certainly melts faces with its speed, it’s far from perfect – a tiny price for an appropriately-sized game. You guide your mega, super laser jet vehicle through the various courses in a time

Impressions From 5 Hours Into Shin Megami Tensei 4

Yesterday, the first entry into the main Shin Megami Tensei series in almost a decade graced the 3DS. I haven’t previously played any of the main games, only Persona 4 and the fairly-recently-released Soul Hackers. I went in fairly blind, not wanting anything to be spoiled in advance. So far

Rack n’ Ruin Preview

It seems like I hear of games made by former Blizzard employees more and more these days, and I certainly welcome that trend to keep on going if it leads to more neat little games like Rack n’ Ruin. Developed by Lifespark Entertainment and directed by former Blizzard artist Tyler