PS Vita

Divekick Review

The fighting game community is as bananas as you could expect it to be, but it’s also made up of some of the most respected and discussed figures on the planet. But Divekick is a game that doesn’t care about any of that, and wants you to just have fun.

Five Little Things To Boost PS Vita Sales

It’s pretty well known that the PlayStation Vita isn’t doing too hot. As an owner, it’s fairly disappointing to see it flounder. However, all hope is not lost. While most people have already mentioned the big points that can boost sales, such as price cuts and more games, here are five little

Retro City Rampage Review

Overview: Retro City Rampage represents much more than just another niche downloadable title. It’s an ambitious open world project essentially developed by one person. While it’s always commendable to see a person dedicate so much time to one project, the results are not necessarily always favorable. Below, I’ll break down