The Stanley Parable: A Case for Self-Censorship

The content and views set out in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of Gamers Association As many of you know, there’s recently been a controversy brewing around the excellent PC game The Stanley Parable. First, a little background information. The

The Issue: EA Isn’t the Worst, We May Be

The Issue is where I get to lay it all out. A place where I can speak honestly, all opinions. I’ll take some recent news and examine it for what’s really there. Sometimes you’ll agree and other times you’ll hate-spam me. Regardless, this is the news and this is The Issue.

We Can Rebuild Him

After spending last week’s column destroying half of your childhood by revealing Mario’s true colors, my first thought was to spend this week destroying the other half: Sonic the Hedgehog. But after doing the research and giving it some extra consideration, I realized that a much bigger problem plagues Mr.

Updating the Start to Crate Review System

I recently published an article about Code of Princess. Within it, I briefly mentioned an incredibly old, incredibly iconic parody review system set down by the site Old Man Murray. Dating myself, it was penned in 2000 and is still relevant today even though the site hasn’t posted for over


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