Gaming Shoppers Say The Darndest Things

While most of you are wise enough to sit back and shop from Steam or Amazon, I braved the barrage of bratty kids and unusually aggressive parents to bring you the latest coverage from Ground Zero. Yes, I went to GameStop, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Fry’s on Black Friday to find the

Who Wants A Wii U?

No, that alluring title is not an introduction to Gamers Association’s grandest giveaway of all time. Rather, it’s an honest question concerning Nintendo’s newest console after considering some informal evidence from the system’s first week on the streets. Honestly, who wants a Wii U? [Source:] Let’s rewind our brains

Five Little Things To Boost PS Vita Sales

It’s pretty well known that the PlayStation Vita isn’t doing too hot. As an owner, it’s fairly disappointing to see it flounder. However, all hope is not lost. While most people have already mentioned the big points that can boost sales, such as price cuts and more games, here are five little

GA Free Play — Bungie’s Marathon Trilogy (iOS)

Bungie’s next big shooter following the developer’s big breakup with the Halo franchise (codenamed “Destiny) won’t see the light of day until at least 2013. While this may break your loyal little hearts, why not take some time to familiarize yourself with the studio’s earlier work? Falling far back to the mid-90s when

How Not To Manage Your Backlog

I write for a gaming website. I listen to gaming podcasts nonstop. My Twitter feed is almost exclusively gaming industry talk. It goes without saying, but I have an undeniable passion for video games. And yet, there is one thing holding me back from being the all-knowing experienced sage I


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