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E3 2014: How I Learned to Love Again

E3 2014 is over, but it showed Curtis why videogames are his favorite thing to consume and why he will be here for them for

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E3: Eagerness, Excitement, Embarrassment (2014 Redux)

E3 is just around the corner again, so Curtis looks over the years of the convention, including 2013's gigantic extravaganza!

May 31, 2014 Events, Featured, Gaming, Opinion
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[Rumor] The Last Guardian Headed to PS4?

Wipe the crud from your eyes Team ICO fans, it’s looks like their in process of not only finally updating us with news about their

February 20, 2014 Gaming, News, PlayStation 4
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The Best Game I’ve Ever Played

A lofty statement…       I’ve had a few games that I would classify as some of my favorites.  Final Fantasy VI, A Legend

January 23, 2014 Features, Gaming, News, Opinion
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TG’s Top Five (Most Fun) Games of 2013

As is customary for any game writer, I’ve got to come up with my top five games of the year. As I was reading through

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Backwards Compatibility Comes to Playstation 4 with Playstation Now

Yes, you read that correctly–it’s finally happening. Sony announced on Jan. 4 at CES 2014 that fans will be able to play games from Playstation

January 07, 2014 News, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Vita
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Andrew’s Top 3 Anticipated Games of 2014

With 2013 going out with a bang, Sony and Microsoft released the now current generation of consoles Playstation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One (X1). That leaves us with

January 03, 2014 Gaming, Opinion
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Should You Drop $1,000 on Next Gen Come November?

Earlier this week, Microsoft officially unveiled the US launch date for its Xbox One (November 22nd, 2013). Just in time for Black Friday, only a

September 07, 2013 Gaming, Opinion, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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Exclusives: The Next Great Extinction?

If there’s one thing you could take away from this gen (aside from the many great series and franchises that have come about) it’s that

June 20, 2013 Gaming, Opinion
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The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 21 – Fiddlin’ Around with the In-Laws

Now that we’ve reached the legal drinking age, it’s only fitting for The Game Plan to get real smooth with an E3 recap wrap-up. Microsoft,

June 18, 2013 Events, Gaming, The Game Plan
TLOU4 20 The Last of Us Review Overall Score

The Last of Us Review

Every few years, a game comes out that changes the industry as we know it. These games introduce us to new ways to experience our

June 18, 2013 Gaming, PlayStation 3, Reviews
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E3: I Was Not Impressed

With every new generation, there’s hope for something newer and grander. It’s what makes events such as E3 so exciting, often offering a glimpse into

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