Halo 5 – What We Know [with Spoilers]

[Editor’s Note: Despite the author’s claim in the first two sentences, Halo series spoilers – including those from Halo 4 – are written within this article. Proceed with caution.] ——– Is it still too soon to discuss the end of Halo 4? The answer, of course, is yes. But now

Spec Ops: the Line and Deep Storytelling

Spec Ops: The Line is the best game I’ve ever played where, after I finished it, I never wanted to play it again. On the surface, it’s a pretty middle-of-the-road third-person shooter starring Nathan Dra-… I mean Nolan North as the main protagonist, Captain Walker. But after playing through it

The Walking Dead Spoilercast: Episode One

The Walking Dead proved to be one of the most noteworthy releases of 2012, taking this industry by surprise and beating out a bunch of heavyweight contenders for Game of the Year awards. But is Telltale’s latest piece of greatness seriously as powerful as the hype train it’s riding on

Xenoblade: Chronicles; Leaving the Script Unchanged

What more is an RPG than story, fleshed out deeply with narrative and character? With this thought in mind, I played Xenoblade: Chronicles. While Xenoblade is a mountainous, hulking goliath of game design, able to keep you busy for near-countless hours, it has major flaws.  Aside from the moment-to-moment gameplay

Xenoblade: Chronicles; Rewriting the Rulebook

What more is an RPG than an amalgam of growing experience pools and their indicators? With this thought in mind, I played Xenoblade: Chronicles. It has been heralded as the best JRPG of this generation and superbly crafted.   However, to be the best JRPG of the modern generation is a


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