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The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 14 – Spermaceti Power

After last weekend’s podcasting mishap, the Gamers Association guys return to reminiscence about the best of times with LucasArts titles that are impossible to get.

April 08, 2013 Gaming, The Game Plan
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 7

I Finally Understand Shooters

When chatting with the wonderful Alex Wen the other day about my distaste for a certain genre, he jokingly remarked that no games are my

January 08, 2013 Features, Gaming
Bioshock 9

BioShock: A Study in Interactive Storytelling

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Oh, look, the new guy is going to waste my time going on and on about how BioShock

December 14, 2012 Features, Gaming
Game Plan Banner 2

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 3

Looking for scripted, regular, and reliable audio coverage of every major development within the video game industry in recent history? Well toodle-oo to you, mi

November 19, 2012 Features, Gaming, The Game Plan, Wii U
The Old Republic 4

SWTOR Free-To-Play Impressions: Five Hours with The Old Republic

And so it was, ladies and gentlemen, that what just might be the most expensive video game ever developed officially went free-to-play for all of

November 17, 2012 Gaming, Online Games, PC, Previews
Free Games! 8

Free Games: A Weekend To Remember — Final Update

What a wonderful time to be a broke gamer. While no money in the cartridge eras meant spending our weekends doing unthinking things like finishing

April 21, 2012 Gaming, News, PC
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