Super Mario Bros

GA’s Gamers Arguments: Best of the Worst

Gamers Arguments. Everyone’s got ‘em and everyone’s got opinions on ‘em. So why don’t we air out these deeply-held thoughts? Why don’t we get a little hot under the collar? Why don’t we make our claims known? – The age of the villain has come and gone – mostly alongside

Mario is the Bad Guy

I’ve been thinking about Nintendo a lot, and while I’ve previously made it clear that I don’t hate them, I still find a few things a little suspect. It has the same relationship with third-party developers that I do with attractive single women. It relies on gadget gimmickry slightly more

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 3

Looking for scripted, regular, and reliable audio coverage of every major development within the video game industry in recent history? Well toodle-oo to you, mi amigo, because the Game Plan podcast is all about none of that. After over a month of silence, our boys are back to infiltrate your

Top Five Worst Fathers in Gaming

If the cozy commercials and restaurant specials haven’t tipped you off yet, it’s Father’s Day! For the scatter-brained out there, I’ll insert a break here to give you time to call up Pops and wish him the best. All better? Perfect! Here’s to hoping your father is as fantastic as


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