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GA’s Gamers Arguments: Best of the Worst

Gamers Arguments. Everyone’s got ‘em and everyone’s got opinions on ‘em. So why don’t we air out these deeply-held thoughts? Why don’t we get a

March 21, 2013 Features, Gaming
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Paper Mario: Sticker Star’s First World Impressions

Who’s late to the party? This guy! And Bowser. Me and Bowser, what a wonderful pair. But instead of me talking about how an angry,

January 09, 2013 3DS, Gaming, Previews
Evil Mario 5

Mario is the Bad Guy

I’ve been thinking about Nintendo a lot, and while I’ve previously made it clear that I don’t hate them, I still find a few things

January 02, 2013 Features, Gaming
Game Plan Banner 2

The Game Plan Podcast: Episode 3

Looking for scripted, regular, and reliable audio coverage of every major development within the video game industry in recent history? Well toodle-oo to you, mi

November 19, 2012 Features, Gaming, The Game Plan, Wii U
Darth Vader is not the worst father in gaming 3

Top Five Worst Fathers in Gaming

If the cozy commercials and restaurant specials haven’t tipped you off yet, it’s Father’s Day! For the scatter-brained out there, I’ll insert a break here

June 17, 2012 Gaming
Hmmm.  A trending theme, perhaps? 6

Dirty Cars, Sequelitis and the Law of Diminishing Returns

If you’re anything like me, you wash your car once, maybe twice, a year.  For my car, Simba the 2008 Honda Fit, his day was

June 04, 2012 Gaming, News
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